Saturday, February 24, 2007

Things You Do Not Know About This Blog

5 Things You Dont Know About This Blog

1. This blog is the 3rd blog from me. The first was 'My Journey' hosted by blogspot, followed by 'Still Thoughts' in Friendster. The two blogs are now defunct but still accessible...

2. All blog posting is done in my office using illegal internet connection. (Illegal in the sense that it's not my personal line).

3. The column named "Pix of the month" was initially intended to be a space for me to post up the best shot of myself for the month. However, I found that I am not nacissictic and self-absorbed enough to put up so many photos of myself here.

Besides I am shy =)

4. I wanted to add another column for "Feature Person of the Month" but due to some sensitivity issues, I decided not to create such a column. It wont be nice to feature one person and not write about another. After all, we are all friends and family and deserve equal rights to appear on my blog, right?

5. I rate my blog "U- Untuk Tontonan Umum". Tiada sentimen perkauman, tiada politik, tiada keganasan yang keterlaluan dan tiada unsur seks. Juga tiada perkataan kesat yang menyinggung perasaan.

OK, maybe you will find the occasional celakas and stupids. Forgive me dear readers. Also for the BM yang teruk if you think it is teruk lah.

5 Things You Dont Know About The Blog Author

1. I learnt HTML only after I started this blog. Previously I was very much buta computer. More so with HTML and Java scripts (even though I still am not very good at it). Bloggin here is a good ground for me to learn those stuff.

2. I started the blog just as a form of entertainment for me. I like writing but I dont think my writing can sell, so I just put it all up here. It's my shrine. =)

And then I got more ambitious and started putting up more pictures, especially the ones taken with my cam by myself. I dont like ciplak photos and I sure wont take smthg from other people's blog and claim it as my own.

3. Unlike other big time bloggers who write entertaining stuffs for others to read, I write stuff that I see, feel, touch, smell and sense. Also my thoughts about any issue at all which includes work, christianity, life and so on. In other words I dont allow myself to be dictated by my readers, and I am not very much botherd if they are entertained or not. But of course, out of respect for others, I dont write controversial stuff and will try my best to make reading my blog easy and enjoyable.

This blog also functions as a place to pen down my anger towards smthg or someone which I cant express outwardly simply because my life depends that thing or person. Suicide is not my style. So if you see some occasional heat and steam, yeah, just dont bother ok.

4. Followers of this blog from the early days would notice that I upload more pics in my entries these days. That's because I now own a new, much more efficient and slim digital camera which I carry around to shoot 'at the moment' shots. I just love taking photographs and keeping unedited versions of them.

If you notice, most of my subjects are not humans... I love photography but not that much to get myself a DSLR.

*Thing #4 is dedicated to my beautiful and reliable Panasonic Lumix FX01 which has served me well and produced great coloured shots for this blog. Also for my old, now sold-off Olympus Camedia Z350, for its services during my early years in university*

5. Man, this is tough. I cant figure out what more to write about myself as the author of this blog...See, I told you I am not self-absorbed enough. ;p

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