Monday, February 12, 2007

Teluk Gong for Seafood

If you want cheap seafood in Selangor, there are only 2 places to go (as far as I know)- Kuala Selangor and Teluk Gong. Between the two, my frens and I chose to go Teluk Gong because it is nearer and we have some background knowledge on the location. The last time we went there, the place was still undeveloped, roads still un-tar-ed, and Sharon and David were still a courting couple.

That was way back in 2003 btw.

So anyway, there are many restaurants to choose from, ranging from the most famous Coconut Flower and the 2nd best one, Teluk Gong Seafood. We chose the latter simply because we found it first.

The food was fantastic (Sounds so conventional but there's really not many uncommon words ard to describe good food...)

Assam Fish- A must have in every seafood outing.

Kam Heong Crab

Bamboo Lala...I dont know its real name.

Upclose and personal with one of the members of the infamous Butter Prawns

Deep fried sotong

If you wonder why the sotong looks so pathetically little, that's because the dish came late and I was halfway eating with my fingers and couldnt hold my camera then. The sotong was surprisingly tender, not rubbery like the one I ate earlier during lunch at KRP.

One recommendation that we didnt manage to try was the toddy (fermented coconut liquor). It comes in a big bottle and cannot be kept for long unlike other types of liquor like vodka and whisky so buying one would mean having to drink the entire bottle that night itself! Not possible lah...

But anyway, with or without that toddy, we still had fun there. Makan outing at somewhere far once in a while is just fun and not to mention, therapeutic to my soul. That is if you have good company and no potong steam-ers. =)

Btw, just to mention the price, the bill came up to RM 165.90 only for a luxury meal for 5 people, which I consider cheap for seafood in Selangor. Of course cannot compare with places like Matang (somewhere near Taiping) but, still its cheap.

Oh ya, I forgot to mention that I am slowly building my antibody by taking in seafood without anti histamines.

So seafood, here I come!

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