Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Politician = Traffic Jam?

Disclaimer: Viewers' discretion required. Proceed at own risk.

If you have dreams of becoming a politician, think again.

You dont get paid for nothing. There's a cost to your fame. And with great power comes great responsibility.

Basically, whatever you do, people will still kutuk you. Like our poor Sam V, traffic jam issue also kena! Not that he can control the cars in KL right? I personally think that the causes of the crazy KL Jam are:

1) Ok, maybe a bit on the JKR part like inproper drainage (which causes flashflood all over KL)

2) The main culprits are actually NOT the Government (Yes, Sam V included so breathe again Mr Sam) but:

  • The Inital D wannabes-but-failed-miserably Ah Bengs and LalaChais
  • Mat Rempit sial and Mat Ingat-Pandai-Sangat driving around while smoking and suffocating their passengers...
  • Karupiah on the Wheels and Ganster Machas brushing aside ALL cars along their way, ready with a parang (or more conveniently, steering locks) if anyone decides to go against them.
  • Cik Kak berkereta kecik yang bawak lambat-lambat tu...
  • Rich tai tais in huge cars but cant really estimate distance from other vehicles...

So the next time, before blaming any politician for any problem and issues, we all should take a look at ourselves first and see if we are truly blameless in the prob. Pointing finger is easy and easier it is if we put the mirror behind us.

And btw, you vandals, please stop making public places your private properties.

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