Friday, February 02, 2007

Life is like a rollercoaster

One time you feel on top of the world when you've done something good, and on another, you feel like crawling into the smallest hole in the ground and just hide yourself there for the rest of your life. I feel that, often. Feel like wanting to quit but life's circumstances just wouldnt allow me to.

Stop giving me all that 'you have to be tough' talk and all that. Not that I dont know that. Why do people often put on the so-called strong side and suppress their human side? Is it wrong to cry over something that makes you sad? Is it wrong to admit that you need some external source of strength to carry on simply because the world has had its weight on you? Society has made crying as a sign of weakness, and admitting one's inferiority as a trait of a loser.

In my humble opinion, crying and being down and all frustrated is nothing more or less than being human. If you are sad, by all means, let it out. But after the tears are dried, stand up and walk again. No matter the speed, just walk. Even with tears still sticking and staining your cheeks, just walk. Wash your face and continue the walk.

That is real strength.

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Petrina said...

i agree with you. real strength comes from rising again every time we fall, and the tears we weep nourish the seeds of courage and strength inside us...

i've missed you, y'know. hope your working life is going on ok.
for me, i m busy...some would say, as usual.

ps, thanks for the tip on the qs. he's since passed away, and my team is representing his widow in a case.