Monday, February 12, 2007

I was at the Quarry

It was my first trip to a quarry and I seriously didn’t know what to expect. I pictured it to be dry and dusty, not wet in any way.

I wasn’t totally wrong; the road leading to Kuang Rock Quarry was wet, muddy and bumpy. When I said Kuang, many thought I mispronounced “Kluang” as Kuang. Actually, Kuang is a much smaller town than Kluang, and it is situated somewhere between Sungai Buloh, Rawang and Kuala Selangor. The trunk road leading to that small town somewhat reminded me of the long and winding road that stretches all along the major town in Perak…

Anyway, about the trip. Ya, we knew we were near when we frequently see lorries coming from the opposite direction. And we were even more sure when we took a turn into an offroad er, road which saw more lorries coming out from a certain mysterious place somewhere deep inside.

Lorries, all driving from no where…

Our destination- Kuang Rock Product Quarry

These guys are professional in what they do and handled ‘tourists’ pretty well. They gave us a video presentation and a tour around the place.

Video and introduction session..

If you hadn't see a quarry before, here's how it looks like:

Heavy machinaries and plant moving about like toys

These lorries are like ants- they come in great numbers and carry stuffs that are almost 6 times their weight.

On a dry and dusty land..high above sea level with clear blue skies painting the backdrop

Preparation for blasting...No blasting on that day, unfortunately =(

More Rocks

Rock again

The Processor

One more thing I must mention here- food! Lunch was provided for by the KRP people and the best part about the lunch was, the caterer actually cooked the food at the quarry garden itself instead of bringing ready cooked food from their own kitchen, which could be cold by the time they set up the table and make all the necessary preparations.

Outdoor chef

I still cant understand why the food at such an ulu place like Kuang can be BETTER than the food at new town PJ. The prawns are bigger, calamari rings are crunchier, lamb is tenderer (more tender, I mean), vege is greener...and they even served crabsticks, fish fingers, kuihs and...

Yeah, Ais Kacang!

In conclusion, the trip was downright interesting. Come to think about it, it was a good thing that I decided to join the trip, otherwise it would just be another working Saturday, facing the computer and working my work like a sad workaholic.

I was there! Didnt bluff you all ok..


Zara said...

Hey there Tina. Zara here from PJ8. Afiz did told me about ur blog and we put it up in favourites. Hehe.

Happy huh at the quarry? hehehe. Such a new experience izzit? Come over to my place lar. Standing at the highest floor and u can c the whole PJ area.


tina said...

hey zara! and afiz too...thanks for supporting my blog =)

yeah, i would love to go to ur site but wat to do, no chance la..and to tell u the truth, I'm afraid of height! *malu, malu*