Friday, February 23, 2007

Have You Been to Troika?

Allow me to clarify here that Troika isnt a tiny forsaken town in Africa or Guatemala. It's a project site 2 blocks away from Nikko Hotel. My project site.

To prove that the place is in Malaysia, I deliberately took a shot with a Perodua MyVi passing by the hoarding (in layman's term: the metal surround wall).

Of course I was just pulling your leg, the MyVi just happened to drive pass when I took the photo...I've got an MBA, dont you know tht? (Master of Bullshitting Arts- learnt this from a site colleague, hehe).

Anyway, the site office can't be seen from the road level. In fact it's not even visible from the site itself. It's underground. Like a rabbit hole or smthg.

Step 1: This is the main entrance.

Step 2: This is not a diving board. Neither is it a jetty. So DON'T jump at the end of the platform.

Step 3: Take the scaffolding down instead.

Step 4: At the end of your descend, take the wooden platform straight.

Actually you dont necessarily have to take the wooden platform lah. The surrounding is just a concrete slab covered with wet gunny sacks for very complicated reasons which I malas to expain here.

Step 5: Take the path as pointed by the finger and you will find the ramp to the office.

Step 6: Ta Da! This is the rabbit hole where the office is located. You cant see it from here, unfortunately.

There you have, the comprehensive step-by-step hitch hiker's guide to the Troika site office. Will upload more photos once the office is fully ready.

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Zara said...

Troika? So good! I think the next best project will be The Troika. I guess so. Use all the times there wisely. U can learn a lots! Seriously.

Btw, scaffold ladder and slab curing pun u ambik? Hehehe. Betul2 baru masuk site nie. Anyway, gud luck gurl and all the best!