Friday, February 23, 2007

Chinese New Year is Over...

The official holidays for CNY is over. But our fore-fathers said that CNY lasts for 15 days so it's still CNY at this moment...Feel malas want to work. Should have taken another day off...and another and another...hehe

I think this year's CNY is kinda quiet. Yah, did u notice that? No CNY songs, however irritating some may be (especially the ones by those teething little kids with absolutely no idea that they have been fooled and stupefied for the sole entertainment pleasure of old folks who seem to think that they are cute and talented...eeee!) and I dont recall if I've heard any fire crackers. And no sight of the lion as well. Sad, sad. What happened to our culture??

I heard that it's the government's fault that CNY is more quiet this year. Or rather, the pirates for making too many illegal copies of CNY albums. Which leads to the stupid teething kids again, for conning old folks into buying their stuff, which of course, is cheaper at the local pasar malam ;p

Let's get back in time. CNY was smthg that I always look forward to every year when I was a kid. Not that I get lots of ang pow then (and not that it differs a lot now), I just like CNY coz I get to balik to grandparents' place and have good food with the extended family. The place was really in a kampung, somewhere in Kampar, which I think is no longer in existance. Anyway, let's see if i can describe that place ok. Hmm...It was made of concrete and wood, zinc roof (I think), has a huge wooden door which cant be locked with a key coz the only way to lock was to place a wooden bar across the door leaves; has a large backyard where the wet kitchen, the bathroom and toilet were located (yes, the toilet and bathroom were outside the main house area), and...yeah, had a wonderful mountain backdrop which can be seen from the kitchen of the house.

I miss that place =( And all the irritating neighbours who used to play fire crackers till the wee hours in the morning. And the only indian neighbour who seemed oblivious of the CNY season and continued blasting his Tamil songs like CNY wasnt his business.

And all the good old kung fu flicks on national TV (Jet Li rules!).

Everything died down slowly after the government banned ciggies manufacturers from advertising on tv. So no more sponsorship of movies from them. Which led to boring CNY movies and even more boring musicals. Sigh.

CNY these days is just another holiday. Grandparents no longer around, and all my aunts and uncles are grandparents themselves, so no reunion dinner with them. Balik kampung has a different meaning now- instead of going back to grandpa's house, I now go back to MY house in Taiping. And instead of watching kung fu flicks and musicals, we now watch Discovery and HBO, haha. Kinda un-CNY on CNY. But we still travel a lot on CNY- to Kampar, Ipoh, Butterworth and Penang. And the routine humilitation at some uncle's place which I dread to go every year. Terrible, terrible. Oh, another must do during CNY- meet up with old friends for supper to catch up with one another. A must for me.

So that was CNY this year.

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