Monday, February 26, 2007

By Request...

Request: Put up an entry on the previous CNY travels.
Requester (haha!): Sister
Status: Granted
Reason: Because I am nice =) Hehe

Writing about my CNY travels would equate to writing a report for a school trip. That would be boring I presume. Thus, I am doing this a little bit differently this time. Let my Lumix do the talking!

Day 1: Visited father's side relatives

Sorry, no pics. Lupa bawak kamera lah! If not I could have shown you my cousin's orchard.

Day 2: Visited mother's side relatives

Ipoh and Kampar. No pics of Ipoh but got some pics on Kampar. Actually, a pic of Kampar's latest hotel, The Grand Kampar Hotel (sounds quite ah piah, hehe).

Sorry lah, bad shot. It was drizzling.

Roti Ayam, Kampar's specialty. Meaning chicken wrapped in bread.

Cousin's puppy for sale. Any takers?

Day 3: To the north- Penang and Butterworth

We visited Second Aunt's (SA) place in Butterworth. This time around, my sister's bf, Peter drove and I have the feeling that SA likes him because he speaks fluent Hokkien ;p

Of course no pic taken at her place lah. Must jaga manners and all that.

After the brief visit, we proceeded to Penang for jalan-jalan. Heard that the new Queensbay Mall is worth visiting. We took the ferry instead of the bridge since it was ages ago when we last took the ferry.

I was probably 8 then.

The ferry operators seem to have spruced up the look of their ferries. I remember that the ferries used to be orange in colour, just like our school busses.

Queensbay Mall. I thought the name sound very Hongkie.

After browsing the place for a couple of hours and buying nothing, we decided to leave and go for a road trip instead.

I am amazed at how much land that Penang had reclaimed from the sea. Look at how close the road is to the sea!

This stall is said to be the best cendol stall in Penang. You cant see it coz the crowd was overwhelming and overflowing to the road!

Sorry again, no pics of the cendol itself. Coz I needed both hands to hold the cendol bowl. No table and definitely no place to sit!

And why it the stall so famous?

Because Phua Chu Kang said it's the best in Penang.

We left Penang in the evening. I must say that Ferringhi is still by far the best beach in Penang. I like everything there, the hill, the road, the old shops, the abandoned houses by the sea...Everything just have some kind of 'class' and colonial touch.

God bless the Brits (yeah, and Portuguse and Dutch too) for giving us such wonderful historical buildings and places. (I'm gonna be slaughtered by some nationalist for saying this!)

Along the way, we stopped by Bukit Tambun for seafood. I thought Bukit Tambun was famous for..Limau Tambun? But no lah, it's famous for seafood.

Seafood? Got sea meh?

No sea but there's a lot of water body there, which i suspect is a river that flows into the sea.

Kampung Nelayan kat muara sungai lah katakan...

Restoran Jeti is really a Jetty.

Jetty for fishermen.

I didnt put up any pic of the food that we ordered coz they look quite similar to that of Teluk Gong's. But i was fascinated by the snails that they served.

They dont look like the escargot that I had before. The ones served here looked more Asian ;p

Thousand apologies for not having a pic of the snails. Still pretty shy to take too many pics in a crowded place and risk getting whacked for intruding into other ppl's personal space. ;p

So that's about it. The End.

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