Friday, February 02, 2007

Being young

Talking to a older people sometimes could be a pain. Not that I dont respect or listern to older people's advice and talk, just that sometimes, they just like to say things that belittle your every effort to learn more of life. It's not the really old ones who talk like that, but rather those who are not really that much older than I am who speaks in such a manner. My mum doesnt speak like that, so are my aunts, uncles and all of my mother's generation. Even my senior collegues dont say such things!

Before I pinpoint anyone, I have a confession to make. I used to do that too. But I've since quit saying such things because it can be devastating to the other party and I certainly dont want to cause them to fall into lifelong depression or worse, having low self esteem for the rest of their lives. I examine my motives only to find that it was all about making myself feeling better when deep down inside I was struggling with own inferiorities. Putting others down was a way to put myself up. In the end, it was my pride that I was brushing, in the expense of other people's bruises. I was guilty of that, and I wont allow such nonsense to creep into my conversations with younger people again.

Ok, back to the issue. I absolutely hate the "you'll understand when you grow older" or "when I was your age I was [in a more dire state than you, suffered such and such]" or "kids these days...(referring to me or anyone younger than the speaker) are so spoilt" or even "you are still young, you dont know [about whatever the issue of discussion was about]'. If all these were said by some aunties, I dont mind. But if all these words were said by someone who is, say 2 years older, what does that supposed to mean? Hey, 2 years isnt that big a difference. When I was born, a person 2 years older than me would have been around 2 years old, still drinking milk and talking baby language with no recollection of what he/she was doing then. OK, maybe this person goes to school earlier. Yeah, big deal.

Dont get me wrong. Not that I dont respect them. But the deal is, you cant get the respect of younger ones, if you yourself dont respect them by treating them as 'younger, inferior, stupid, immature, kids'. Savvy? Ask yourself this: how would it feel if YOU are the one who is called or implied as 'small kids' over and over again? And yes, have not been young before? How fast people forget that their were once younger and inexperienced eventhough it could be only 2 years ago!

I've since found a way to counter these negative statements. But I will not share it here..

Actually, being young is an advantage for me. At least i have the youth and time to improve myself, learn new skills and acquire new knowledge to empower me. For the so-called 'older' ones, sorry lah, you are too old and too late for these...

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