Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Politician = Traffic Jam?

Disclaimer: Viewers' discretion required. Proceed at own risk.

If you have dreams of becoming a politician, think again.

You dont get paid for nothing. There's a cost to your fame. And with great power comes great responsibility.

Basically, whatever you do, people will still kutuk you. Like our poor Sam V, traffic jam issue also kena! Not that he can control the cars in KL right? I personally think that the causes of the crazy KL Jam are:

1) Ok, maybe a bit on the JKR part like inproper drainage (which causes flashflood all over KL)

2) The main culprits are actually NOT the Government (Yes, Sam V included so breathe again Mr Sam) but:

  • The Inital D wannabes-but-failed-miserably Ah Bengs and LalaChais
  • Mat Rempit sial and Mat Ingat-Pandai-Sangat driving around while smoking and suffocating their passengers...
  • Karupiah on the Wheels and Ganster Machas brushing aside ALL cars along their way, ready with a parang (or more conveniently, steering locks) if anyone decides to go against them.
  • Cik Kak berkereta kecik yang bawak lambat-lambat tu...
  • Rich tai tais in huge cars but cant really estimate distance from other vehicles...

So the next time, before blaming any politician for any problem and issues, we all should take a look at ourselves first and see if we are truly blameless in the prob. Pointing finger is easy and easier it is if we put the mirror behind us.

And btw, you vandals, please stop making public places your private properties.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

My First Day At The Gym

The cycling instructor was HOT!

He's got beautiful chiselled jaw.

Strong muscular arms.

Great V shaped body

Smile that can melt icebergs.....

Adeline said he's gay. Sigh.

Monday, February 26, 2007

To The Gym!

One of my new year resolutions is to lose weight and look good. I've tried so many ways which didnt work- hiking, tennis, futsal, swimming...and slowly I got a little fed up of all these and wished I could just ask God to take away the fats when I wake up the next day.
Of course that didnt happen.

So I decided to sign up for a gym membership and see how it could help me in acheiving my goals.

I went for a gym tour around Celebrity Fitness 1U, the one where Miss Hot, Sexy and Delicious Amber Chia (or Apple Chia, so I heard her name was before she got famous) is ambassador for. Kononnya Amber Chia used to be 90kg before she became a model. Cannot believe?

Anyway, after spending 2 hours there, I decided to shop for better deals at other fitness centres, which was a good move because Adeline managed to get me a really, really cheap to the bone rate for Fitness First.

Fitness First it is. Why Fitness First?

Reason 1) I love freebies and they gave me loads of 'em.

Got discount vouchers...

Though not so useful to me but, heck, it's free!

I have been wanting to buy a water tumbler for so long but was too stingy to pay for it. So Fitness first gave me one =)

The free earphone is for me to use when i do my cardio. The gym has personal tvs for its users to watch while working out so earphones are absolutly necessary. Besides, it looks cool ;p

Yes, I needed a backpack so badly! My old one is slowly tearing apart and again, I am too stingy to buy one. sweet of Fitness First to give me those things =)
Reason 2) I like their locations. There's one near my apartment, one near my current office and one near my future office..

Super convenient.
Reason 3) My membership fee is so so cheap that even if they suck, I would think hundred times before terminating the contract.
Interested to join me?

The Confused Bookshop

Was searching for a building dictionary but found this at the Civil Engineering Section:

Absolute Beginner's Guide to PODCASTING??

Anything but civil engineering. Computer ada, electrical ada, chemical pun ada...

How can being manipulative enrich a man? By menipu-aktif? Wicked, wicked...
Back to the building dictionary. Anybody knows where I can get one? The Title is The Penguin Dictionary of Building by Penguin (obviously). The cheaper the better ;p

By Request...

Request: Put up an entry on the previous CNY travels.
Requester (haha!): Sister
Status: Granted
Reason: Because I am nice =) Hehe

Writing about my CNY travels would equate to writing a report for a school trip. That would be boring I presume. Thus, I am doing this a little bit differently this time. Let my Lumix do the talking!

Day 1: Visited father's side relatives

Sorry, no pics. Lupa bawak kamera lah! If not I could have shown you my cousin's orchard.

Day 2: Visited mother's side relatives

Ipoh and Kampar. No pics of Ipoh but got some pics on Kampar. Actually, a pic of Kampar's latest hotel, The Grand Kampar Hotel (sounds quite ah piah, hehe).

Sorry lah, bad shot. It was drizzling.

Roti Ayam, Kampar's specialty. Meaning chicken wrapped in bread.

Cousin's puppy for sale. Any takers?

Day 3: To the north- Penang and Butterworth

We visited Second Aunt's (SA) place in Butterworth. This time around, my sister's bf, Peter drove and I have the feeling that SA likes him because he speaks fluent Hokkien ;p

Of course no pic taken at her place lah. Must jaga manners and all that.

After the brief visit, we proceeded to Penang for jalan-jalan. Heard that the new Queensbay Mall is worth visiting. We took the ferry instead of the bridge since it was ages ago when we last took the ferry.

I was probably 8 then.

The ferry operators seem to have spruced up the look of their ferries. I remember that the ferries used to be orange in colour, just like our school busses.

Queensbay Mall. I thought the name sound very Hongkie.

After browsing the place for a couple of hours and buying nothing, we decided to leave and go for a road trip instead.

I am amazed at how much land that Penang had reclaimed from the sea. Look at how close the road is to the sea!

This stall is said to be the best cendol stall in Penang. You cant see it coz the crowd was overwhelming and overflowing to the road!

Sorry again, no pics of the cendol itself. Coz I needed both hands to hold the cendol bowl. No table and definitely no place to sit!

And why it the stall so famous?

Because Phua Chu Kang said it's the best in Penang.

We left Penang in the evening. I must say that Ferringhi is still by far the best beach in Penang. I like everything there, the hill, the road, the old shops, the abandoned houses by the sea...Everything just have some kind of 'class' and colonial touch.

God bless the Brits (yeah, and Portuguse and Dutch too) for giving us such wonderful historical buildings and places. (I'm gonna be slaughtered by some nationalist for saying this!)

Along the way, we stopped by Bukit Tambun for seafood. I thought Bukit Tambun was famous for..Limau Tambun? But no lah, it's famous for seafood.

Seafood? Got sea meh?

No sea but there's a lot of water body there, which i suspect is a river that flows into the sea.

Kampung Nelayan kat muara sungai lah katakan...

Restoran Jeti is really a Jetty.

Jetty for fishermen.

I didnt put up any pic of the food that we ordered coz they look quite similar to that of Teluk Gong's. But i was fascinated by the snails that they served.

They dont look like the escargot that I had before. The ones served here looked more Asian ;p

Thousand apologies for not having a pic of the snails. Still pretty shy to take too many pics in a crowded place and risk getting whacked for intruding into other ppl's personal space. ;p

So that's about it. The End.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Things You Do Not Know About This Blog

5 Things You Dont Know About This Blog

1. This blog is the 3rd blog from me. The first was 'My Journey' hosted by blogspot, followed by 'Still Thoughts' in Friendster. The two blogs are now defunct but still accessible...

2. All blog posting is done in my office using illegal internet connection. (Illegal in the sense that it's not my personal line).

3. The column named "Pix of the month" was initially intended to be a space for me to post up the best shot of myself for the month. However, I found that I am not nacissictic and self-absorbed enough to put up so many photos of myself here.

Besides I am shy =)

4. I wanted to add another column for "Feature Person of the Month" but due to some sensitivity issues, I decided not to create such a column. It wont be nice to feature one person and not write about another. After all, we are all friends and family and deserve equal rights to appear on my blog, right?

5. I rate my blog "U- Untuk Tontonan Umum". Tiada sentimen perkauman, tiada politik, tiada keganasan yang keterlaluan dan tiada unsur seks. Juga tiada perkataan kesat yang menyinggung perasaan.

OK, maybe you will find the occasional celakas and stupids. Forgive me dear readers. Also for the BM yang teruk if you think it is teruk lah.

5 Things You Dont Know About The Blog Author

1. I learnt HTML only after I started this blog. Previously I was very much buta computer. More so with HTML and Java scripts (even though I still am not very good at it). Bloggin here is a good ground for me to learn those stuff.

2. I started the blog just as a form of entertainment for me. I like writing but I dont think my writing can sell, so I just put it all up here. It's my shrine. =)

And then I got more ambitious and started putting up more pictures, especially the ones taken with my cam by myself. I dont like ciplak photos and I sure wont take smthg from other people's blog and claim it as my own.

3. Unlike other big time bloggers who write entertaining stuffs for others to read, I write stuff that I see, feel, touch, smell and sense. Also my thoughts about any issue at all which includes work, christianity, life and so on. In other words I dont allow myself to be dictated by my readers, and I am not very much botherd if they are entertained or not. But of course, out of respect for others, I dont write controversial stuff and will try my best to make reading my blog easy and enjoyable.

This blog also functions as a place to pen down my anger towards smthg or someone which I cant express outwardly simply because my life depends that thing or person. Suicide is not my style. So if you see some occasional heat and steam, yeah, just dont bother ok.

4. Followers of this blog from the early days would notice that I upload more pics in my entries these days. That's because I now own a new, much more efficient and slim digital camera which I carry around to shoot 'at the moment' shots. I just love taking photographs and keeping unedited versions of them.

If you notice, most of my subjects are not humans... I love photography but not that much to get myself a DSLR.

*Thing #4 is dedicated to my beautiful and reliable Panasonic Lumix FX01 which has served me well and produced great coloured shots for this blog. Also for my old, now sold-off Olympus Camedia Z350, for its services during my early years in university*

5. Man, this is tough. I cant figure out what more to write about myself as the author of this blog...See, I told you I am not self-absorbed enough. ;p

Thank You For The Birthday Wishes

Here's a toast to all my friends who had taken the time and effort to wish me on my birthday...

Yeah, may all your (realistic) dreams come true too =)

Friday, February 23, 2007

Have You Been to Troika?

Allow me to clarify here that Troika isnt a tiny forsaken town in Africa or Guatemala. It's a project site 2 blocks away from Nikko Hotel. My project site.

To prove that the place is in Malaysia, I deliberately took a shot with a Perodua MyVi passing by the hoarding (in layman's term: the metal surround wall).

Of course I was just pulling your leg, the MyVi just happened to drive pass when I took the photo...I've got an MBA, dont you know tht? (Master of Bullshitting Arts- learnt this from a site colleague, hehe).

Anyway, the site office can't be seen from the road level. In fact it's not even visible from the site itself. It's underground. Like a rabbit hole or smthg.

Step 1: This is the main entrance.

Step 2: This is not a diving board. Neither is it a jetty. So DON'T jump at the end of the platform.

Step 3: Take the scaffolding down instead.

Step 4: At the end of your descend, take the wooden platform straight.

Actually you dont necessarily have to take the wooden platform lah. The surrounding is just a concrete slab covered with wet gunny sacks for very complicated reasons which I malas to expain here.

Step 5: Take the path as pointed by the finger and you will find the ramp to the office.

Step 6: Ta Da! This is the rabbit hole where the office is located. You cant see it from here, unfortunately.

There you have, the comprehensive step-by-step hitch hiker's guide to the Troika site office. Will upload more photos once the office is fully ready.

Chinese New Year is Over...

The official holidays for CNY is over. But our fore-fathers said that CNY lasts for 15 days so it's still CNY at this moment...Feel malas want to work. Should have taken another day off...and another and another...hehe

I think this year's CNY is kinda quiet. Yah, did u notice that? No CNY songs, however irritating some may be (especially the ones by those teething little kids with absolutely no idea that they have been fooled and stupefied for the sole entertainment pleasure of old folks who seem to think that they are cute and talented...eeee!) and I dont recall if I've heard any fire crackers. And no sight of the lion as well. Sad, sad. What happened to our culture??

I heard that it's the government's fault that CNY is more quiet this year. Or rather, the pirates for making too many illegal copies of CNY albums. Which leads to the stupid teething kids again, for conning old folks into buying their stuff, which of course, is cheaper at the local pasar malam ;p

Let's get back in time. CNY was smthg that I always look forward to every year when I was a kid. Not that I get lots of ang pow then (and not that it differs a lot now), I just like CNY coz I get to balik to grandparents' place and have good food with the extended family. The place was really in a kampung, somewhere in Kampar, which I think is no longer in existance. Anyway, let's see if i can describe that place ok. Hmm...It was made of concrete and wood, zinc roof (I think), has a huge wooden door which cant be locked with a key coz the only way to lock was to place a wooden bar across the door leaves; has a large backyard where the wet kitchen, the bathroom and toilet were located (yes, the toilet and bathroom were outside the main house area), and...yeah, had a wonderful mountain backdrop which can be seen from the kitchen of the house.

I miss that place =( And all the irritating neighbours who used to play fire crackers till the wee hours in the morning. And the only indian neighbour who seemed oblivious of the CNY season and continued blasting his Tamil songs like CNY wasnt his business.

And all the good old kung fu flicks on national TV (Jet Li rules!).

Everything died down slowly after the government banned ciggies manufacturers from advertising on tv. So no more sponsorship of movies from them. Which led to boring CNY movies and even more boring musicals. Sigh.

CNY these days is just another holiday. Grandparents no longer around, and all my aunts and uncles are grandparents themselves, so no reunion dinner with them. Balik kampung has a different meaning now- instead of going back to grandpa's house, I now go back to MY house in Taiping. And instead of watching kung fu flicks and musicals, we now watch Discovery and HBO, haha. Kinda un-CNY on CNY. But we still travel a lot on CNY- to Kampar, Ipoh, Butterworth and Penang. And the routine humilitation at some uncle's place which I dread to go every year. Terrible, terrible. Oh, another must do during CNY- meet up with old friends for supper to catch up with one another. A must for me.

So that was CNY this year.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Wonderful oldies

I cant recall how many moons ago since I last heard these two songs.

1. Easy Lover by Phil Collins. Good combination of a catchy tune and Phil's flour-ish voice...

2. Stuck With You by Huey Lewis. Yes it's true, I'm so happy to hear that song.

Bet you guys never knew these songs exist yea?

Oh ya, another one worth mentioning. Heard it in the restaurant last night.

Blue Eyes Blue by Eric Clapton. Beautiful.

I'm feeling all dreamy now...=)

Monday, February 12, 2007

I am so unwell today

I woke up with a terrible sprain at the neck. I cant turn to the right without turning my whole body.

My chapped lips seem to get worse by the day. Now I cant even smile without feeling the pain of the stressed lipskin. I can feel the wound literally tearing itself apart when i smile. Soon it will bleed, I think.

Teluk Gong for Seafood

If you want cheap seafood in Selangor, there are only 2 places to go (as far as I know)- Kuala Selangor and Teluk Gong. Between the two, my frens and I chose to go Teluk Gong because it is nearer and we have some background knowledge on the location. The last time we went there, the place was still undeveloped, roads still un-tar-ed, and Sharon and David were still a courting couple.

That was way back in 2003 btw.

So anyway, there are many restaurants to choose from, ranging from the most famous Coconut Flower and the 2nd best one, Teluk Gong Seafood. We chose the latter simply because we found it first.

The food was fantastic (Sounds so conventional but there's really not many uncommon words ard to describe good food...)

Assam Fish- A must have in every seafood outing.

Kam Heong Crab

Bamboo Lala...I dont know its real name.

Upclose and personal with one of the members of the infamous Butter Prawns

Deep fried sotong

If you wonder why the sotong looks so pathetically little, that's because the dish came late and I was halfway eating with my fingers and couldnt hold my camera then. The sotong was surprisingly tender, not rubbery like the one I ate earlier during lunch at KRP.

One recommendation that we didnt manage to try was the toddy (fermented coconut liquor). It comes in a big bottle and cannot be kept for long unlike other types of liquor like vodka and whisky so buying one would mean having to drink the entire bottle that night itself! Not possible lah...

But anyway, with or without that toddy, we still had fun there. Makan outing at somewhere far once in a while is just fun and not to mention, therapeutic to my soul. That is if you have good company and no potong steam-ers. =)

Btw, just to mention the price, the bill came up to RM 165.90 only for a luxury meal for 5 people, which I consider cheap for seafood in Selangor. Of course cannot compare with places like Matang (somewhere near Taiping) but, still its cheap.

Oh ya, I forgot to mention that I am slowly building my antibody by taking in seafood without anti histamines.

So seafood, here I come!

I was at the Quarry

It was my first trip to a quarry and I seriously didn’t know what to expect. I pictured it to be dry and dusty, not wet in any way.

I wasn’t totally wrong; the road leading to Kuang Rock Quarry was wet, muddy and bumpy. When I said Kuang, many thought I mispronounced “Kluang” as Kuang. Actually, Kuang is a much smaller town than Kluang, and it is situated somewhere between Sungai Buloh, Rawang and Kuala Selangor. The trunk road leading to that small town somewhat reminded me of the long and winding road that stretches all along the major town in Perak…

Anyway, about the trip. Ya, we knew we were near when we frequently see lorries coming from the opposite direction. And we were even more sure when we took a turn into an offroad er, road which saw more lorries coming out from a certain mysterious place somewhere deep inside.

Lorries, all driving from no where…

Our destination- Kuang Rock Product Quarry

These guys are professional in what they do and handled ‘tourists’ pretty well. They gave us a video presentation and a tour around the place.

Video and introduction session..

If you hadn't see a quarry before, here's how it looks like:

Heavy machinaries and plant moving about like toys

These lorries are like ants- they come in great numbers and carry stuffs that are almost 6 times their weight.

On a dry and dusty land..high above sea level with clear blue skies painting the backdrop

Preparation for blasting...No blasting on that day, unfortunately =(

More Rocks

Rock again

The Processor

One more thing I must mention here- food! Lunch was provided for by the KRP people and the best part about the lunch was, the caterer actually cooked the food at the quarry garden itself instead of bringing ready cooked food from their own kitchen, which could be cold by the time they set up the table and make all the necessary preparations.

Outdoor chef

I still cant understand why the food at such an ulu place like Kuang can be BETTER than the food at new town PJ. The prawns are bigger, calamari rings are crunchier, lamb is tenderer (more tender, I mean), vege is greener...and they even served crabsticks, fish fingers, kuihs and...

Yeah, Ais Kacang!

In conclusion, the trip was downright interesting. Come to think about it, it was a good thing that I decided to join the trip, otherwise it would just be another working Saturday, facing the computer and working my work like a sad workaholic.

I was there! Didnt bluff you all ok..

Friday, February 09, 2007

Goodbye Rotiboy...=(

Why? Why???

I will miss the convenience of having those crunchy Rm 1.50 buns terribly.

And the wonderfully made and packed sandwiches, which I often buy for breakfast.

Yes, those walnut bread too...

Goodbye Rotiboy PJ State. We shall meet again at KLCC.

The facade of PJ State will never be the same again...