Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Where is my tennis racquet??

I cant find it anywhere in my apartment. I've searched high and low but the tennis bag which contains the racquet and some balls just could not be found. And the worst thing is, I cant even find my tennis shoes!

So I'm gonna just wear my futsal shoes, and use joshua's racquet (which I borrowed and never return, hehe) which doesnt even have a cover, let alone a bag, and no balls. Which means I have to use the coach's balls. And keep my clothes, towel and bottle in a plastic bag. How unfashionable can it be?

Btw, did I mention that my sports club is organising subsidized tennis coaching for its members? Of course I've signed up for that. RM10/month is a great bargain. An external coach would cost RM70/session.

I hope I can pick up the game again. Its been ages since i last played the game seriously. Which explains why I couldnt find the racquet anymore.

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