Thursday, January 11, 2007

Two motivation factors

1. Fear

I woke up at 5.30am again. Not that I like waking up early, I just had to force myself to rise on unearthly hours just so that I could reach my office at 7.15am and start my work immediately. The reason is simple, I didnt stay up to work till late the previous night. And I dont think my senior is going to like this at all. She terrifies me sometimes especially when she's been pressured by other superiors. I fear that by not staying till late at night, she would think I am not committed. I fear her so much that I dont feel comfortable telling her anything at all. More so if i've got a meeting to attend or have smthg urgent at home that requires me to leave early (on time actually, I never leave earlier than I should). She's not the type who would keep in her heart if she's not happy with anything- she'll just scold me. It's not a bad thing, really. I appreciate that she expresses to me how she feels and what she expects of me. But at the same time, the appreciativeness comes alongside another feeling called fear. Now, I dont even dare to take leave without her consent!

I never knew that fear is such a powerful motivator at office and I hate this feeling. How on earth did this thing started? I guess its the Asian culture that i was brought up in, or maybe its the stupid the education system. Maybe even the school.

My teachers taught me that the Head Mistress has the highest authority in school, thus you must always be disciplined when she is around. No nonsense. And she's always right. She's got all the power to make or break you, in which most of the time would be the latter. And thou shall not disobey the Great Lady or suffer from unquenchable wrath and the rotan. And then there is the GURU DISIPLIN who would go around spreading the gospel of the Head Mistress coming as a punisher and she being the Chosen prophet, would do anything to make sure you behave yourself. Together with her, all the fallen angels in special blue uniforms and tie (sometimes with a blazer) would march around looking for victims, and will not hesitate to whip their little BLACK BOOK of DEATH at the sight of a slightest mistake you make.

Sounds familiar? I grew up with that kind of mentality. Superiors are to be feared. As well as enforcers. Yes, those days I did manage to escape all the time from all that nonsense but this is not my point. The gist here is, we (or maybe just me) have been instilled with "Fear" to superiors, which I think is not a good thing. Personally, I think instilling 'fear' to gain respect or results (as in my case) is not the right way. But I cant tell the right way either. Perhaps, at this moment, fear is the only way.

Well, at least it works on me. I even fear to blog now coz others might think I am not working, even if its just for a while.

2. In the name of the boss

This one is GREAT. I am the organisor of one of the company's forthnight activity and our CEO had signed up earlier to participate in that. Of course only the organisors know that he is coming along la. Response from other staff was just OK. But, after I emailed out a reminder together with the name list to everyone, guess what? Yeap, suddenly people start having interest in the activity. Looks like the boss' name does boost sales =) You can market anything in the name of the Boss. Whatever their motives are, as long as the activity sells, I dont care!


krospa said...

Hi! What exactly is the "Rotan" you mention?

Anonymous said...

Working needs commitment..same wit others thing in your, both of u and ur senior in same order to protect and continue the ship journey to its desination..both of u must united and learn to fight, helping each others..wit tat..i believe u wil start grow up and get to learn how people really successful in their life..
~ EC ~

tina said...

krospa: "Rotan" is the malay word for cane; and as for this context, rotan is 'chastening rod made of cane'

krospa said...

I see. Is it typical in malaysian schools to use the cane? And what's the typical punishment at home? I'm curious because I studied social sciences and in my final degree I did a work around a comparison of corporal punishment of children at home in different countries. I'm mexican and I used to be punished by my father usually with his belt (and my mom also liked to use her slipper as a very useful "helper" to make me understand...uughh!). That's very typical in Mexico. What's it like in Malaysia?

tina said...

krospa: yes,in malaysia, the cane is used for punishment not only for schools and home but also in jail!

my school principals (been to 3 schools- primary, secondary (all girls school) and pre-university (boys school but co-ed in pre-u level). normally the girls' school principals dont use the cane that much, i suspect they have it just to instil fear among students. but for boys' school- yes, even the discipline teacher has one. and they do public caning. but the boys at my school were so naughty they even laughed when they were caned!

as for home, i think these days parents hardly use the cane. but during my childhood days, caning was a common practice to chastise naughty kids and being a naughty child that i was, i got a few strokes from my mum! i think the cane is lying somewhere in the store room at the back of my house.

krospa said...

Uffff!! you say that is used both in jail and with children...Isn't that very cruel? I think then that it must hurt a lottt!! I used to hate my father's belt but I think that a cane must be more painful, what do you think? Have you ever been punished with a belt or slipper or anything else than the cane? If yes, what did you prefer? And you say that the cane is still in your house...until what age were you used to be punished with it? I have to say that my father punished me until I had a strong fight with him because I was already 20 :-( and wouldn't allow him to keep treating me as a child!

tina said...

krospa: yes, the cane is used both at home and jail. but there is a difference between the cane used for domestic dicipline and those used in jail. the jail ones of course is bigger, longer and harder and i believe would cause bleeding. but the ones at home are not so brutal in the sense that it will not cause bleeding (unless deliberately done so as in the case of domestic abuse)and is much, much smaller than that of the jail's, around 0.5m only in length and 0.5cm in diameter.

i was caned when i was a lot younger, ard 4-7 years old. i thk the 'caning' age would be between 4-maybe 10. for older kids (above 12) most parents would probably threated their kids with their pocket money or smthg else.

as for other things used for, my mum's hand? yeah, she beat me a few times (also when I was a small kid) when i got a little too naughty and out of control. but all that is done for dicipline, nthg of abuse or whatsoever.

krospa said...

Well, I see that you were not beaten that much as from what you say I guess it was something very "light" for small children. In my case I think I would think it reasonable the other way round. I don't think that to punish a small girl you need a belt as my father used. I would understand that when I was a bit older and rebel in my teenage days. So I think that to punish a kid with something more that the hand (that is not so painful) the right age would be like 10 to 16 years. Before that the hand should be enough to make her understand, and after that she's already an adult and she should be free to decide what to do!! What do you think? What do you think that should be the right way to punish children? Do you plan to do have a "rotan" when you have your own?

tina said...

Krospa: i dont think i mentioned anywhr that i was beaten a lot. i had been beaten before but not very frequently...anyway,ive done some research with my friends of other races (we're a multicultural society here) and some said their mums used to pinch them, pull their ears, beat with a broomstick...anything can be used for punishment actually. but these days i see young parents dont use the rod as much anymore and kids get more naughty because of that. i think the rotan should stay but parents should use it only when the kids get really out of control.