Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Rude over the phone/Kiasu on the road

Some people just cannot answer phone calls properly.

The next time i deal with one, I will not hold back and belasah that person. What, cannot speak properly is it???

I am not against big cars, only this particular one. Driving a big car means he's a big shot lah, is it? Big car means can bully small cars lah? What a dumbo and disrespectful rascal!

I was very pissed with the driver of the big volvo that almost hit me from the left simply because he was too kiasu to slow down and give me way to turn. I gave him the left turn signal early enough for him to prepare himself to slow down of take any other precautionary steps. But instead, he sped up and didnt want to let me turn. I thought, fine lah, i'll make another round. But then he stopped pulak, so i just turned lah. It was dangerous. And all this happened because of some bird brain who refused to give way to another driver for whatever reason he had in his tiny micro-mini brain. If he had any, anyway.

This is KL.

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Emily said...

ya, some people saw your signal light but they purposely don't want to let you go...bad! very bad!!!