Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Read A Book In Two Months

My initial idea was to read a book in a month. Now that the first month is nearing its end and the book I'm currently reading is not anywhere near the end, I decided to ammend my target- from 'Read a book a month' to 'Read a book in two months'. Hehe...

Now, simply changing the target because I couldnt meet it seems like a convenient and expedient way to justufy my non-conformance to the earlier set goal. Well, maybe, and I wont justify on that. But like my sister said, since I was never an avid reader, maybe I should consider a smaller start and not get too ambitious about this whole reading thing. Two months would be a good start and perhaps, after the first half of the year is over, maybe I can consider speeding up my reading a little.

And why I cant seem to finish up my book? The first and undeniable cause: yes, i got a little lazy and distracted with other things, especially now that I have Astro at home and watching tv seems to be just the easiest thing to do when I get home from work, tired from the day's work. The waking hours at night are short, about 3 hours (minus dinner and bathing time), if I dont go out with my friends for dinner. Tell me, how could I cram quality time with family and friends, watching the tv and reading? I've got to make the choice and most of the time, I chose to hang out instead of reading.

Another factor for not finishing my book. I suspect it has to do with the nature of the book itself. If I am reading something from Dan Brown or Stephen King, or series like Fear Street or Sweet Valley (I never read those btw (FS and SV)- I absolutely despise high school teeny stories and kidster horror books), I would probably finish up in a week or so because the book is meant for people to READ through the pages and enjoy the story. Not that it is bad, but if you know me well enough, you would be able to guess that I am not the type of person who reads fictions. Yes, I am NOT reading a fiction. I'm reading a book on self development and this book requires me to read, reflect and respond to the ideas that the author was conveying through his writing. That's 3 course of action as opposed to one only (read) in reading fictions.

So what book is it that I am reading, you may wonder. It's '7 Habits of Highly Effective People' by Stephen Covey. Now before you brush aside this book as just another self-help book, let me tell you this: You have to read this book. I'm only into the 4th chapter (3rd habit) but so far the book has opened my eyes to see my own habits that are holding me back from being effective.

Will review the book when I am done, say end of next month.

Oh yes, I'm starting 'The Purpose Driven Life' all over again, this time I'm reading it the way it was designed to be read: day by day for the next 40 days. Actually, the more I read '7 habits', the more I feel the need to read 'Purpose'. Ironically, i think both books actually complement one another, indirectly. And the more I read both, the more I need to read and study the Bible, to tap the source of all the priciples conveyed by the authors. Only then, I feel, that my reading would bear some fruits in my life.

Anyway, do encourage me to continue reading. I'm gonna make 2007 the year of growth and empowerment!

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