Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Early morning drive

I got up really early today- about 5.30am. Yet, its still not early enough for KL. I walked into my car only to find two little black tots playing on my dashboard! Little disgusting roaches had made their way into my car and I blame it all on proton for all their loose fixing of the car components! Dammit! Tried to shoo them away but somehow tak jadi so I was driving all the way with fear in my spine and the terrified thought of the roaches biting me or running over my stuff. Yucks. I planned to sun bake them in the car. And spray some Ridsect in the car tonight in case they survived the scorching heat.

Anyway, my traffice prediction was wrong- at 6.45am, cars were already queing at the Surian stretch and the hignway wasnt exactly smooth either. Looks like I've got to leave my apartment at 6.00am in order to get to work at 7.00am when I start working at site later!

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