Wednesday, December 19, 2007

My Christmas Wishlist

I want:

1) 8 Sanyo Eneloop AA batteries + 4-bank Charger

It's for a certain future use which I will not disclose, yet =)

2) 1G RAM + 120G HDD + wireless keyboard + wireless mouse + 17' flat monitor. (I accept the items separately)

3) Or better still, get me a new laptop. Dont mind brand, but must be of good specs and fast. Please also install for me Adobe Photoshop CS3.

4) Jusco vouchers worth RM 200.00 at least.

5) An oven, please. I've been wanting to try out so many baking recipes but was hindered by the lack of oven at home.

That's all I can think of. See, I am not greedy, I'm just poor =} I know nobody is ever gonna give me those, so I wrote this just for fun. Haha.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

And Suddenly I Became Poetic...

I swear to you I've never written ANY single poem before. Except for malay pantuns which I admit, I was very good at in my school days. But not English poems or the distant cousins of any form of poetry. Even my days of writing malay pantuns are long gone.

But I wrote a peom today to promote my company's New Year Party. Yes, I WROTE A POEM! And it rhymes pretty well too, though I'm sure Joshuaraj could have done a better job =).

Here's how it goes.

2007 started without us realising,
And in a blink of the eye, the year is ending,
What should we do when 07 turns 08,
Of course we'll party, dance and celebrate!

Where should we go this time around?
Uncle Chillis, Hilton is the place to be found,
If you wonder, when the party will be,
Mark your calender, its 4 January.

So register yourself by 27 December,
And brace yourself for a night to remember,
Scroll down this page for more information,
Our committees are ready to answer your questions!

How? Not bad for a technical person, eh?

Monday, December 17, 2007

Water Disruption

I am glad to have:

1) A friend like Petrina who took me in her house at 11.30pm to bathe and wash up for the night. And she even offered me to stay over just in case the next morning the water disruption has not been rectified. Good thing I stayed over, coz indeed, the tap was still dry the next day.

Until now. It's been 2 days. I wonder what SYABAS is doing.

2) A gym membership. Going to Pet's house is great but on weekdays, I dont think I want to trouble her (coz I wake up really early for work) so the best place to bathe and clean myself would be the gym. And thank God the gym is so near my house I dont have to travel far to bathe. Water is free and so are other things =)

I hope the water supply is back this evening.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I Still Can't Decide!

Which camera to buy. Life's full of choices, and choices are not necessarily the best partners with limited cash and a frugal account book.

After toying with thoughts of the Nikon D80 and the tempting Canon 400D (tempting in the sense that the kit costs only RM 2800++), I finally came back on earth and stop daydreaming of something so not in my budget at all. There, began my real quest for a proper beginner's DSLR.

Options are Canon 350D, Nikon 40x and Pentax K100D Super. All below RM 2500 for body + 18-55mm kit lens + other standard accessories. If I bargain further, I believe I can pull down the price even further. But the real problem is, after much scrutiny, I really dont know what should I buy.

I was and am still not a big fan of Canon. I know Canon is famous and great photographers like Micheal Yamashita lives by a Canon. But after reading so many mixed reviews on the 350D, I really dont think it's that good a bargain after all. First of all, it doesnt even have any special function, not even a sensor dust reduction system (unlike its bigger bro, the 400D) and the kit lens is nothing to shout about (although it's a Canon). I know I can get just the body and a separate lens, say a better Canon or even a Tamron, but since I am looking at something that I can carry around and is multi-function, I reckon, what could be better than to bring around the kit lens which if is a good one, would be sufficient for my needs for the time being, no?...

The Canon 350D, from my survey at a shop near my office, is currently selling at RM 2099 (kit). Tempting, but at this price or lower, there are other cameras which I feel, will be a much better buy than this.

Enter the Nikon D40x, an upgraded version of the D40. I dont mind either one, really, and both have received excellent reviews in terms of image quality (partly thanks to the kit lens) and the camera functionality. But what refrains me from jumping into the D40 is the fact that the camera was not built in with focus drive motor, which means it can only auto focus with very, very limited lenses. If I were to stay contented with my level of skill and will not upgrade in the future, perhaps, I would consider this a fantastic deal, RM 2088 body + 18-55mm Nikkor lens + other standard accessories. But I cannot deny the possibility that I may, upgrade in the future and the D40 will not be able to cope with the changes and I will be plagued by the dilemma of having to sell off the D40x and to fund another camera body on top of the new lenses that I might want to buy.

Money is a scarcity and should not be spent without wisdom and proper planning yah.

The final contender is the Pentax K100D. Everything is right for this camera, the price of RM 2200 for body + 18-55mm Pentax DA kit lens + standard accessories, the cam has functions that not any other budget cameras have, like the built-in sensor shift image stabilisor AND dust removal technology. Even the Pentax kit lens had some credible qualities in it, unlike other famous brands that gives chepo quality kit lens. Someone somewhere on the internet even quoted that Pentax is a poor man's Leica and we all know that Leica lenses are one of the best in the world. The camera would have been a perfect buy if only it doesnt run on AA batteries.

Now, i've had bad experiences with AA batteries in camera. My first digicam, the Oly C350Z used to eat batteries like cookie monster devouring Christmas cookies, barely 10 shots and I found myself running out of power. And I was using GP 1800 rechargables! I remember the trouble of having to carry the camera, 8 AA batteries and 2 bulky chargers for every trip I made with the camera. I dreaded the experience and from then on, I told myself, no more AAs for me.

But how can I resist the K100D Super? I've done some research and people actually recommend using Eneloops which apparently has a very efficient self-discharge rate. Price is OK but problem is, its not easy to get those from a proper and reliable shop. But it's not really a big deal, just that it's got to worth the hassle that I have to go through just for the batteries alone. And from my past lesson, i better get 8 batteries at least. Once bitten twice shy. The savings that I get can be pumped into getting an external flash (2nd hand perhaps) and a polarizer filter.

But then again, Pentax is not exactly a very famous brand for the novice; say Pentax and everyone will go 'huh?' and immediately conjures the image of some plasticky looking rejected toy camera from the 80s. Pentax makes very very good lenses but the only problem is the BRANDING. Why is Canon so famous? Just say Nikon and everyone will go ooh-aah. Branding. Both brands have very famous ambassadors but not Pentax. They have aggresive marketing too. And because Pentax isnt very widely marketed, other lens makers just dont quite bother to make lens with Pentax mounts. Hence, people shy away from buying a Pentax at the prospect of not having compatibility with other cheaper and good lens. Just my two cents worth.

So in the meantime, I will look around for better deals, and new launches. But in my heart, I think I have more or less decided on .........

Thursday, December 06, 2007

It's The Time Again

This is the time of the year for:

1) Vacations and going for that annual leave clearance frenzy. Which brings forth a whole lot of dominoes effect to the office.

Bosses take long leave, hence they wont be around to sign off important documents. Nobody to sign, means the document will be pending. Pending means, the subsequent documents cannot proceed. So work at the 'small fish zone' becomes slower...Haih.

I, too, will be taking a few days leave for Christmas. It's been a long time since I last went home. Gonna take this opportunity to kick off my new photojournalistic project. I haven't prepare anything for it yet, but planning will take off this week. I've got 5 days only to do up this mini-project and I hope things will turn up the way I want it to.

Oh, but before that, I've got to settle my latest project (of a different nature than the one mentioned above) which is to plan for a blasting New Year Party for my company. That is one big headache as I've yet to receive any feedback from RP. Haih.

2) That annual appraisal. I am still fearful of appraisals although I've been through it like 3 times already in my 1.5 years of service with the company. Maybe I still dont feel that I am an excellent worker, although I dont think I am bad either. But then again, it cant be that bad, after all there are far worse tak boleh pakai cobra kings in my office...

One thing I've learnt so far, that is, no matter how bad you think you are, do NOT disclose too much of your weaknesses to your boss. They might not even notice it in the first place. And more importantly, blow your own horn as loud as you can and take no shame in doing that! If you dont put up a perasan thick skin, you'll never get the increment that you want.

That was what I did. But of course, being an Asian, I was never taught to be boastful of myself, so, yah, I restrained a little....

3) Freebies to roll in. Calenders, diaries...Though these are common stuff, but at least, they're FREE and I dont have to spend a single cent on these items! So far the department has received diaries and calenders (but yet to be distributed), and for myself, I've been given pens and a digital clock. My collection will continue till next year...Hehe.

Unfortunately, the company doesnt give out diaries, calenders and pens to the employees of executive or lover levels. So, sorry guys, no diaries from me.

4) Christmas!

It didnt dawn on me that Christmas is like thiiiiiisssssssssss close in the calender until yesterday when the Church sang 'O Come Let Us Adore Him'. A beautiful song with beautiful words that just suddenly clicked on me that it's gonna be my Lord's birthday!

I've not done any Christmas shopping and might not be doing any shopping at all. Perhaps, only a change of hairstyle will do. But I certainly would want to have a greater Christmas than the years before and I did actually thought of hosting a cozy dinner with my friends who are not going home for Christmas say, on the week before Christmas. Just for a good time of fellowship la before I balik kampung to spend time with my family for this joyous occasion.

And btw, my sister and I bought a new 4-feet high Christmas tree. Hehe...Will put up a picture of it once the tree is fully done up!

In the meantime, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

It's Not That Easy After All

I've been cracking my head since early this month and I am still no where near to what I need to acheive. The Photography Workshop is scheduled to be on the first weekend of December and I have yet to select any place good enough for the outing. Sigh.

You see, company outings are never easy to organise- no matter what you do, there will always be someone complaining about something. Not FOC, kena complaint, too expensive also kena complaint, food not good, kena again, place not nice, I also die. If too family-oriented, the young ones will say its boring, if too outrageous, the old ones will feel left out. Basically I have to look into every aspect of the activity to make sure most people are happy and contented and nobody feel neglected in any way. And after putting the best foot forward and doing all you could, there will always be people who do not appreciate all your works.

Sigh. Part and parcel of events management and dealing with people.

Anyway, for this upcoming event, I have not done so many things. Not secured a place for the field trip, hvn't book the hall for the class and the promotion was not even done up yet! It's something I am worried about considering that its 2 weeks more to D-day. The initial plan to go to SilverPark Fraser's Hill had to be abandoned due to cost factor (of course it is a factor and the club doesnt have a big budget for sudsidy of social events) and also because the resort does not have a very plausible reputation, so to speak. If all hotel reviews gave thumbs down, including Wikipedia, tell me, how good can the place be? And weigh in the human factor- that there will be some aunties who cant bear the sight of a single molecule of dust in the house and will not hesitate in wrecking havoc in the hills and spoil the mood.

And then there are other resorts in other areas of interest. Cameron is my best alternative but a trip over the weekend will be too rushed and I dont think I will enjoy myself as much as I would given more days for the retreat. Port Dickson is near but the guys are Eagle Ranch didnt reply my email till today. I've even tried contacting some travel agents to arrange for a cheap tour but no reply also. Seriously, I think these people should just erase off their email add from their websites considering nobody from their side actually checks on the mails and make effort to reply their prospective clients! Don't they know that email is the IN way of communication? Talk about Visit Malaysia Year 2007!

So last resort is a day trip to somewhere scenic in Selangor for the field trip. sounds easy but where can I take the group?? Paya Indah Wetlands is closed and Putrajaya is too vast I dont know which area to cover! Pulau Ketam is OK but the island seems to be very Chinese-dominated, which may not be too good for multiracial groups. Where else can I go?? Where????? Can anyone suggest a scenic and not boring place for a photography outing somewhere within 2 hours drive from KL, max. I'm running dry on ideas...

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Are You Watching THE Match?

For the first time in Malaysia, THE champions will set their feet on our soil.

I. Want. To. Watch. The. Game. Live. FOC.

Unfortunately the finances are a bit tight this month so I've got to give it a pass. If only somebody could give me free tickets to the game...

Go watch the match if you have the budget and time. These giants ain't gonna come here every year.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Memories Not Forgotten

Thanks to Picassa, I can now make some reasonably decent collages. PhotoMix was good but the end products are a little too small for blog posting. Though Picassa doesnt allow much flexibility in the arrangement of the photos, but for me, this shortcoming is still OK, no big deal.

Here are some pics which I had always wanted to post up in this blog but didnt have the time to load individually. A collage and a summary of what the outings were all about is perfect for a busy exec like me.

1. Petrina's Birthday. -We went to Coliseum Cafe, after hearing so much about the old colonial charm the place has to offer.

The place is run by some really old Ah Peks and Indians. Its the only place that I know that still expects their customers to pay tips, which I did, considering the service and food were pretty satisfactory, amidst the old uncle who gave the 'u want to eat or not' stare at my indecisiveness to place my order.

All in all it was a great outing, money worth spent and night worth remembering.

Oh ya, we walked through some old rustic roads downtown KL at night, which could be rather interestingly spooky if you look close enough.

Old pre-war chinese shophouses. With faded red banner which seems to have only one function- to scare away ghosts. And plastered walls with something that looks like a school emblem or whatnot. AND dilapidated shophouses with lights on the INSIDE of the house, and specifically in ONE room. I wonder what lurkes inside? Eeerie.

KL roads are beautiful at night.

2. Ming & Glo's Bday- At Thai Express, Curve. We had Thai food and Baskin Robbins for dessert.

3. Casual Dinner At Eurodeli, Damansara Kim - Warning: This is a porky place. They serve good German sausages, Bratswurst and pork knuckles. Value for money and is a great place to hang out with a bunch of pork-devouring friends and enjoy each-other's company.

5. Emmy's wedding & Port Dickson Trip- This is the most recent happening. Emmy got married in Seremban and we took the opportunity to make a little vacation at the nearby beach. Jokes of the year -Dom hit a glass door because he didnt notice there was glass, and Adeline and Meera got lost on their way to PD and ended up at Rembau.

Eh, dont know why the images are so blurred...Maybe Ive attempted too many pictures in one frame..

So that's it lah. The summary of memories not forgotten. I'm sure I have more just that I dont have the pics in my office PC.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

I'm Dreaming of Murukku

It's Deepavali tomorrow. Not that I am celebrating the occasion, just that I am feeling excited over a few things.

1. It's a public holiday.
2. I'm gonna wake up at 10am.
3. I'm going over to a friend's house for dinner in conjunction with Deepavali.
4. I'm gonna wear my new punjabi suit which I bought just a few days ago.
5. Murukku, murukku and murukku. Tanni, tanni and more tanni. Haha.

It's gonna be exciting! Deepavali Valtukal!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Gone Going....

Right now, right here, I am singing the blues..

Its kinda funny, how life can change,
Can flip 180 in a matter of days,
Sometimes life works in mysterious ways,
One day you wake up, gone without a trace...
Adapted from Blue's One Love

Just half a year back, I was angry and very much against my boss. I thought he was dumb. And I didnt like the way he had been treating us. I didnt respect him as much as I should as a subordinate. We even had a huge crisis which ended up with a cold war among us for weeks.

But somehow, time works in ways we never understood. Much later, gradually, we because good workmates, (though he still wasnt very smart in his doing) and we could even joked among us. We're like the fishes in the aquarium, he being the big fish that guards the aquarium and we the small ikan bilis would just move to where the big brother goes.

How ironic. The people I didnt like 6 months ago became people I am pretty close with and the ones whom I had a good first impression on, they are the ones I find more disappointing by the day.

And now, boss has left and here I am once again, being left superior-less like how it was when the project just started. I feel sad, of course. The big joker with all his colorful antics is now gone. Gone for good. No more whistlings in the morning, and certainly no more irritating operas. And 'arro's for 'hello's. But most importantly, there wont be a breakwater when tsunami strikes. We all will be wiped off first hand. I dont know how to handle these times of turbulance but I trust God will take me through...

Till then, I will have to worry about the extra workload that will be transferred to me very very soon...

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Bourne Review

This movie somehow reminds me of.... Bollywood movies in the 90s. No matter how bad the hero crashed and bashed, he will survive with only some bruises and cuts. That's just so lame.
And lame is the movie. The car chase was no better than the chase between Barricade and Bumble Bee in Transformers, and the running scene failed to inpress me like how Daniel Craig did in Casino Royale. The only credit I can give is, well, at least the storyline is quite OK. I said OK, not excellent coz the only thing that Jason Bourne did was run away, attack and run away again. Yes, I know there is a reason for him to be on the run, that he wanted to find out who he was, yada yada yada but shouldnt there be MORE to this? It appears to me that the high theme for the movie was just to showcase how Bourne outsmarts the intelligence agency of the US.
Before I forget, there's one thing I still dont understand. If Jason Bourne is on the run, how on earth did he get the money to fly? For James Bond, understood la, he's got a day job and the Government pays him damn lot to travel. But for a fugitive like Bourne (my goodness, why must they sound the same???? Jason Bourne, James Bond, Jason Bourne, James Bond...ayuh!) he must have a lot of savings from various accounts to be able to use them without being detected by the agency and could pass ANY airport in the world anytime he wants without being pulled in for questioning by the authorities. I like that, haha....
Verdict : I'll give it a 4 star. If all you want is just to watch an action movie, do give this flick a try. If you want something of greater substance, I recommend Casino Royale on DVD.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

It's Back!

Jeng Jeng Jeng!

It's back. I'm gonna watch it, I'm gonna watch it, I'm gonna watch itttttt!!!!!!!!

It was so much fun in last year's tournament. It rained but I had a great time watching the game with my ex-colleagues Alan and Viren. I brought Adeline to the finals and we had a great time ogling at beefcakes watching the game. And yes, not to be missed, the Haka. This year's gonna be good, but sadly I dont see Sandakan Eagles in the list. I wonder what happened to them. They should be in coz most of them are from the plantation division of my company (who is the main sponsor of the game). Hm....

Oh, the Penguins are in. They are pretty strong, the Champion in last year's match. let me see any familiar names...

COBRA, Mendoza, Barbarians, NZ Wanderers, Aetorea (whom we photograph with in last year's tourney), Rangotal, Natal, and of course Penguins. The rest were either not in last year's tournament or had slipped off my mind.

Eh, the fully mat salleh Singapore team is not in this year...I remember them coz they look NOTHING like Asians and Singapore. Not even their jersey colour. All imported player. ALL!


Anyway, since I am entitled for FREE tickets, I shall show my support to the game and yes, I will be going. =) If you havent watch the game, I highly recommend this tournament for live action of rugby, food and booze...Hehe.

Friday, October 12, 2007

The Day Before Raya

The train was pretty much empty. Driving to work was such a bliss. KL city will be one quiet deserted place. Yaey!

As much a I enjoy the anticipation to a long weekend, I have this little sadness in me.

Tomorrow will be Raya, Sunday is a holiday, Monday is a replacement holiday and Tuesday is...back to work, back to war. And the war will be greater than before coz everything will resume full swing.

I dread that feeling. And fear the possibility of yet another ferocious battle. I am tired.

Maybe I should be more positive. At least I dont have to work tomorrow! And my alarm clock can take a day off coz I dont have to wake up early! Haha.

And tonight my friends and I will be travelling down south for a nice seafood meal. Hopefully the road will not be jammed.

Selamat Hari Raya Puasa, Maaf Zahir Batin.

**ps: some little nonsense here..

I only knew that HR is known as Eid in English a few years back. And I find the English literal translation for HR is kinda funny, coz its 'Safe Celebration Day'...Haha. Language is a funny thing.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Please Be Careful On The Road

For the first time in my life, I actually saw two accidents in one morning. One happened in front of me, and another, happened just appx 10 to 15 mins b4 I passed the scene.

The first one was a minor one, involving a car and a motorcyclist. The biker fell onto the road, lying like he was seriously injured or konked out but he managed to get up a min later and rode off. The car that he hit slowed down but did not stop upon seeing the motorcyclist stood up well and healthy. I think the biker was very fortunate that it happened when all the cars were moving rather slowly due to the bigger accident some 300m ahead which caused all motorists to slow down. Had the road been clear, he could have been rolled over by another vehicle and die.

The bigger accident was pretty bad. 4 cars, and one turned turtle. Dont know how it happened but i dont remember seeing any bodies lying with pools of blood and flesh scattered everywhere. No, I only saw 4 cars, some people taking photographs of the scene (probably bloggers??), the cops and shattered glass. But I dont think anyone could escape uninjured in accidents like this.

Seeing two accidents in such a short span of time made me think. I am a fast and impatient driver and I could be the one running over the fallen motorcyclist if this were to happen on a normal day. Or I could be one of the cars in the collision which couldnt stop on time because the momentum of the car was too great that an accident is inevitable. Of course I wont turn turtle lah coz I dont think I actually drive THAT fast to flip and crash. But it's still something to remember and caution myself about when I drive in the future.

Friends, if you drive or ride, please be a little more careful. I dont want these to happen to any of you.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Useless Picture

When I was browsing for a picture of the then-missing gal Nurin (when she was still missing) in aid of the search mission, I found none on the internet. NONE. Not even a single pic in any online newspaper, which I think is quite silly coz at that moment, we had a child who had been missing for almost a month and if public help is needed to locate the gal, shouldnt the media play a more proactive role by, at least, put up her picture EVERYDAY until the case is closed? A small one will do, maybe somewhere on the top right corner or smthg. But no...I couldnt even find a picture of her anywhere.

And today, as I was reading the online newspaper, I saw this article about a medium who raped a gal and is on the run now. At the end of the article, it says

"DSP Ahmad Sukarno urged those who had fallen victim to the medium, or anyone with information on the case, to contact the Rakan Cop hotline (07-2212 999) or the district police headquarters (07-9321 222)."

OK. If I do wanna help in finding the culprit, at least give me some bigger and better pictures lah rite? How do members of the public co-operate with the cops if the best shot that the newspaper (or cops) could give is this:

We're not looking for the cop, do we?

Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Story of A Little Fish

Once upon a time, there is a little fish stucked in a net but still in the sea. The little fish, being small in nature, could not escape from the net. Nor can it swim against the currents. So the fish tried its best to accomodate both the sea and the net. But the fish is getting tired having to please both masters. The fish must choose either one. But whatever the fish chooses, it has nothing to win, and all there is to lose.

The fish has two dilemma.

If it goes with the sea, the net will hunt down the fish and this little fish will not have any protection from any other creatures, not event from the sea. For all it might not know, the sea could even turn its back over the fish and feed it to the net. If that happens, the fish would become instant dinner for the fisherman.

The wiser choise would be to submit to the net. The sea may see the fish as a pest, or may even disown the fish for rebelling against its wishes, but this fish has to do what a fish has to do. Got to protect itself from the greater harm. So the fish prayed, thought about the pros and cons, and finally took the step to choose its own path. And so the fish chose to follow the net and leave the rest to its Maker.

I am the trapped little fish.

Monday, September 24, 2007


Songs that Pass

My in-built music player cant seem to turn off the tunes of 'True' by Spandau Ballet, a 1983 evergreen song. I still dont know why I am listening to songs as old as I am! But its a beautiful ballard...

And another pretty good song is the lastest release by James Blunt. Now, I dont quite like Blunt's voice but I find '1973' to be pleasant to the ears. Have you seen the video? I like that too, reminded me of Gary Barlow's "Love Wont Wait" and Ronan Keating's "I Love It When We Do", except that his walk is slower than the other two. haha.

Chad Kroeger's latest collaboration with Santana was not bad too but I think I need to listern to it more often than once to really capture the taste of it. We'll see.

Songs that Fail

I remember the last time I wrote about music was to comment on the stupid song by Rihanna called 'Umbrella'. I still hate it and I dont understand why somebody has to do a cover version of the already-crappy song so soon. It's like stupid right? The singer is relatively unknown and for her to break into the scene with someone else's song is a stupid move. Lagi chose a stupid song. Sigh.

Speaking about bad songs, have you heard Fergie's latest collaboration with some small time rappers for "Big Girls Dont Cry"? If not, then you better dont even borther. It was BAD. BAD. BAD. Couldnt get any worse. The song sounded like it has been spoofed by JJ and Rudy of Hitz.FM. Let me describe it in all its hideous glories: it's a sad song and Fergie was singing as how she would in the original version, with some emo voice and mood, etc etc and the rappers shw collaborated with Like they are having a time of their life. So contraditory to Fergie. And not to mention the fact that they dont rhyme at all! Like somebody is singing in C and another in B flat or smthg. Darn crappy I tell you.

Another unbearable song that I heard lately was "Hey Delilah" by Plain White Ts. Hello? What era is this? It reminds me of an oldie "Dont Cry Joni" by Conway Twitty back in 1975. Same theme but dont quite have the same effect anymore.

Man, I have loads of bad comments today.

Sucky songs again, yes, the ones which manupulated cute kids voice to sell their songs to soft girls. Example "Lonely" by Akon. I never bought into the deception of the kids. And now, another singer tried to follow his method , Shane Ward (however the spelling) in his latest song 'If That's OK With You'. Again, I dont buy into the cutie cutie sound.

OK, last two comments and I will stop. Sean Kingston and his "Beautiful Girls" is not that bad, really but it just lacks originality. I mean, the song was inspired by the 60s, which was already time-tested to be favourable, so for me, what he did was merely using an old formula to catalput him to success. If I were to value his success, I would give him a 60% only coz the song was just not original and creative enough! Same goes for Amy Winehouse and her 'Rehab'. It's like making raisin butter cake from a butter cake recipe.

End of music commentary for the day. You may proceed with your daily routine.

About Smoking and Smokers

Call me judgmental or whatever but I would still label smokers as selfish people. Especially the ones who smoke IN the office. Just because they are people of position and have certain authority in the office doesnt mean they can deprive others of fresh air. Not that the air in the office is fresh to begin with but please, please dont add more unhealthy particles in the office. We need to breathe also. So selfish! I cringe at the thought of having to meet them in their room because I know, they dont give a damn to how I feel coz their small heart only have room for themselves and their ciggies.

My dear readers, if you are a smoker, I plead to you, please stop smoking. You have the right to smoke, but remember, others have the right to fresh air too. You dont mind lung cancer and all the illness that comes with nicortine but other mind ok. Please dont deprive others of a good life just because you want to smoke. And please, dont smoke in a closed area, you are suffocating others like me who has sinus and other breathing problems. Also remember, your habits of smoking will affect others like your family coz if you die of too much smoking (which is a 100% SURE thing), your family members will be the ones to mourn, not you. Or perhaps, they would be relieved that you are gone coz they will suffer no more from the everyday torment of the ciggy.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Silent Vigil For The Little Girl Who Died

I grief with the family of the brutally murdered girl Nurin Jazlin. The girl was abducted a month ago and her body was found stuffed in a sports bag in front of some shoplots in Petaling Jaya. Forensic investigation found her to be sexually assulted and a brinjal and cucumber stuffed into her private parts. She was strangled to death. What an inhumane act done by a beastly creature, all for the instant gratification of a distorted pervert.

I'm speechless. Rape must be stopped. I do hope things like this will not happen again in the future.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

fra Norge med elske!

I bring greetings from Norway!

If you cant recall when I went to Norway, you are NOT at risk of alzheimer, haha. I never did. It was Joshua who went and he came back with...

Liqour. Specially from Norway. Cant get it elsewhere.

Presenting my latest collection:

Now Bailey's may not be a new brand but this new flavour is still not out in the market yet so I get to taste is before the vast majority does! Haha!

And the two slim bottles are none other than...

Aquavits! What the heck is aquavits? Wikipedia says it all here. It's made of potatoes and I am curious of its taste. You cannot find this drink anywhere except in scandinavian countries. So I would say that I got something which reflects Norway.

Clear aquavit (or akvavit)

Dark aquavit. Looks a bit like whiskey...hehe

Mint Chocolate Bailey's!
I'm waiting for the right time to launch my new drinks =) . In the meantime I will need to get a nice rack to store up all my bottles at home.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

I Did It Myself

People, how do you find my new blog look? Hehe. Yes, I know, it may seem very simple, pretty flat and having not too perfect colour combination but I DID IT MYSELF! I know, this may not be a very great thing for some but for a buta computer person like me, this is quite a feat to celebrate! I beat the complicated, 'for-robots-only' HTML codes to produce this page. And best of all, I didnt spend a single sen on this! Haha! May not be the most handsome blog page in town, but its my blood and sweat, and I will keep this for a very long time. My credit goes to Mums Who Blog, a very, very resourceful site which I had linked to my blog.

Suddenly I felt nostalgic thinking about how blogging has changed my life. Through blogging, I grew an interest in photography. From wanting to color my blog with some pictures, my interest grew into something deeper, which is to captuere beautiful moments for the album. And from there, I started learning about cameras, DSLRs, and photography as an art. I started reading magazines like Click and attending talks on photography. And I bought myself a reliable digicam this year, the Panasonic Lumix FX01. I would like to get a DSLR one day, when I am more rich, hehe.

From taking pictures, I started cultivating another interest- photo editing. You saw my collage? That's my very first attempt in doing some photo stunts. Blogging also taught me computer. I NEVER knew anything about HTMLs and all that. But to beautify my blog, I learnt, through lots of trial and error, how to write simple HTML codes. I may still be at the basic level, but at least, I am not illiterate in this area anymore. And I know, I can do anything if I have the interest and the heart for it.

Although I didnt meet any great people through blogging, neither did I turn into a celebrity, but this blog has somehow kept me connected with my friends, long-lost and current, and I am glad to have such wonderful friends who keep visiting this blog although I write a lot of trash.

So basically, that was it. But I know, as long as I continue blogging, I will learn more and be better at what I already know.

**pst: btw, the background color is titanium...

Friday, September 14, 2007

My Convo 2006

What's a blog? To me, its should be a journal, an archive to record all the memorable events in my life. But sadly, I didnt even write about my convocation last year, mostly due to lack of time (thanks to my job) and knowledge in doing collages (er, this is my own fault). I was inspired by Petrina's convo last week, of which I became her unofficial photographer for the day, to re-visit my convo album and write something about this important event in my life. Also, I found a way to work through Photomix (which I am not telling how, hehe) to get this pic here on my blog. Small a bit but not bad lah I would say.

Here's my FIRST collage. PhotoMix is really not bad.

After 3 years I finally graduated. Finally free from the bondage of formal education. FREE!!! My convo session was the last of the lot- last session on the last day. There were three faculties convocating that day- mine (Built Environment), API (Akedemi Pengajian Islam) and Sportc Centre. Having Sports Centre in the same session is alway surprising- our national bowler Shalin Zulkifli was also one of the graduant on that session. Hah. I graduated with a celebrity!

But anyway, Shalin aside, the whole event marked the end of a wonderful journey in university. Though I dont like to study, I will miss the friendships forged during the 3 years in uni, the free time I had to go jalan-jalan, the financial dependancy on mum, the afternoon naps and of course, the university itself. How can I not miss any of those- 3 years is a long period of time. It is true that university is the best times in one's life coz after that, work is definely gonna squeeze something out of you.

So the convo was great. In the hall itself, the great Dewan Tunku Chancellor, my faculty mates (from another department) were rather 'misbehaved' by calling and cheering on their friends who went on stage. Well, the event was supposed to be revered so silence is expected of the crowd. But perhaps it was the last day, everyone was in a lax mood. Somebody (I really suspect it was hm, you know who you are) who hollered my name as I walked on stage to receive my scroll. But it was cool, everything was cheery and we all had a great time in the hall.

After the event, I was so happy to see my friends waiting for me to share my joy. My mum and sister came (of course) and gave a beautiful bouquet of flowers. The UMLF, though I had left the group for a while, still came and gave me flowers. I was really overjoyed to see them. I know some of you read my blog once in a while, so here's to all of you " Thanks and You Guys Are The Best!". My ex-housemates came too, Lenny, Samantha and Ee Lee, thanks guys! Petrina, my good friend who used to help me in my law assignments (Private joke: remember Lim Ah Hang vs Arumugam Chettier? haha), thanks for coming too. My juniors, who tossed me into the air, yo all the best in your future undertakings. By now they must have graduated and are working somewhere in the globe. Not forgetting Joshua, who sent his buddy Jay to hand me some gifts on that day because he had to work offshore on that day. Josh, thanks for the Bryan Adams CD, its still my favourite till today. And finally, last but not least, my thanks to my coursemates Beverley, Gif, Kay etc (especially Bev for being my kaki parasit, kaki rebellion, kaki assignment, kaki chit chat and all sorts of kakis) for making my uni days colourful and memorable. You guys rock!

OK, that's about it lah. I returned home that day a happy girl and richer by a few teddy bears. Haha. So now I'll wait for Dom's convo, hopefully it wont be on a weekday so that I can extend my congrats to him personally on that day. I regret having to miss Samantha's convo. Work lah, why else.

Searching For The Perfect Free Online Photo Editor

Photoshop and I somehow dont belong in the same galaxy. I've tried so many versions but dont know why I just cant seem to open the software either at all, or for long. Problems like licence expired, not compatible with my pc and all that are making me belief that photoshop and I are not destined to be together...Or maybe I'm too dudu in IT. Either way, I love photography and I NEED a good digital photography editing tool and if I can find it in Photoshop, I will find it elsewhere.

Hence, the search for an online photo editing website/software. Best of all, its FREE (yeah, beat the pirates for all lousy softwares I ever bought!). My demands are easy, I want something that can:

1. Add text to the pictures. Any type of fonts, any colour, any size, anywhere in the picture.

I found to have such function and is very friendly to users. But the setback is, I cant load the pics into my pc so its out of my list.

Then I found Not bad, but it takes like the entire ice age+ stone age + bronze age to load 1 single picture! And another Shang Dynasty to load up every single edit I make!

So I decided to try something else. has this really flashy (no pun intended)web that will make every novice feel like a pro. And true to its look, it was easy to use, with all the flash applicators which made you feel like you wanna do everything in a single picture. I was very much saddened having to ditch it too but the inability to save my edits in the pc is just not acceptable. I can save in Picassa, or flickr but its just too much a hassle for a simple photo edit job. And considering I will have hundreds of pictures in the future, the extra long steps are just not worth going through. [Updates: I finally managed to upload the pictures into my pc but it still not my best choice for a photo editor because of the time lag due to its flash applications. But I still use it anyway]

I was getting a little desparete so I surfed around and got some pretty promising reviews from That was how I found pixenate. Its fast, easy, and downloads into the computer in a jiffy. BUT...jeng jeng jeng.. I can only place my text in 8 directions as specified in a scroll-down menu. North, South, East, West, N-E, N-W, S-E, S-W. That's about it, no in betweens. I dont like constraints and I want something that allows me to place my text anywhere I want. So its goodbye to the very promising pixenate. If I cant find any better editor, I might revert to Pixenate.


There is no truly reliable FREE photo editors online.

2. Do a collage. I sometimes have too many wonderful pictures to post in my blog but I dont think I wanna put up ALL as individual pictures coz it will take up damn lot of space. And of course, with more pictures, the page will load more slowly. So I went on a quest to look for the BEST digital collage maker online.

My search brought me several dodgy websites and recommendations, which i dont quite remember now. But in the midst of all the crappiness, I found... Photomix! It requires some downloading so I was quite hessitant initially. But the photographer in me said I should take the plunge, click the 'download' button and pooft! My wonderful journey with Photomix began. The programme is very easy to handle plus you can add on as many pictures as you want in a single canvas. More over, you can paste it anywhere in the canvas, and adjust the sizes as you like. It's like, manna from heaven! AND (yup, there's more!) you can add frames to your individual pictures of which you can select from a variety of templates. If tak cukup, you can download from their website and each download takes only a few seconds. Fast and friendly. I like. =) So the only thing I need now is a cekap online photo editor to edit my pics before I can paste them on my new best friend, PhotoMix. That's what I thought.

But no....PhotoMix get even better! I can even post a text on every picture in the collage. I just love PhotoMix more and more.

This is where it stops.

Then I realised that it's only a trial version and I have to buy the full version if i want to save the pics in the PC. That's so potong stim. That's it. All my hopes were crushed.

Moral behind the story: Cheap things no good, good things no cheap. I will have to settle for what's available online, whether I am fully satisfied or not. Or, I can invest in another Photoshop, which I think will lead to another disappointment. Till then I shall be unrest till I find the perfect free online photo editor.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

This Is A Bad Mother

The pictures say it all. In case u cant see through the noisy image (taken with my Sony Ericsson camera phone which cannot zoom on normal mode) the pictures show a mother smoking in front her toddler, shamelessly and guilt-lessly. I saw the scene during a Merdeka countdown somewhere around where I live.

Spare the child, woman! Smoking kills and will kill both you and your child. Seems like the kid will live a miserable life as a secondary smoker. All mothers out there, DO NOT do what this terrible selfish woman is doing. Quit smoking for the sake of your children, if you really love them. Fathers out there: Stop smoking before your kid follows your footsteps or before they start dreading your presence.

Smoking kills and I will do anything I could to condemn ciggerates. SAYA ANTI ROKOK.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Clogged Up

Residues from the past few weeks had been clogging the pipe, causing a very bad congestion from bottom up. The condition was so bad that those residues could not be pumped out from the pipe inlet, or flushed down fron the top. It was stuck.

Until some clog remover was inserted into the pipe. Then goes the gush from the top before more could flow out from where it should flow to. Out of the system. Freedom at last.

That describes how I lost an inch and a kilo yesterday.

Monday, September 10, 2007

This Calls For A QS

The flaws of some government purchasers have been exposed! The Star reported that "...the Government paid RM8.39mil more than the market price at that time." Wow, that's like reckless spending!

The examples given were shocking. Like, some el-chepo looking plastic vase that I personally think could be found in the RM5 shop which actually did cost some RM5.20 was bought by a stupid Government purchaser RM42.80. I smell a rat here. Come on, even an auntie who goes to the pasar knows that there is such thing as a BARGAIN and buying something without investigating on the market price is just plain foolish.

And the worse part was, there wasnt any black and white on the negotiations on the price of those items. Fishy, fishy. So who's to blame? The Government should just sack the people involved in this scam. I'm sure they are those commonly found officers who go to work on time only to leave at 8.02am for breakfast, 45-min tea break at 10.00am, 1-hour lunch at 12.30pm, tea again at 3.00pm and close shop at 5.00pm sharp. That doesnt include those frequent ciggy and toilet breaks. Sounds familiar? Yeah, THAT kind of people whose salaries are funded by the tax-payers. All tak boleh pakai.

Anyway, as I was reading the newspaper, I was thinking, boy, the Government needs more QS in departments other than JKR to bargain the price, engage cheap and reliable suppliers, and to compare the quotes for the best deals in town. Hmm...Suddenly I feel that there is a good market demand for QSes in areas other than constuction coz basically much of our work pertains to money management. But then again, this aint gonna make much difference coz the crux of the matter is not the job but the attitude towards the job. Corruption is a disease, QS or no QS. The only difference is, perhaps by employing a QS, the relevant government department could at least, have someone who specialises in the area of bargaining and knows how to report their evaluation in a proper way. Technically workable but...haih, you know how government officers are like, no need to say more.

Well, as lousy as the government office is, at least the Auditor General does his job pretty well. I am sure there are more shocking discoveries which were not reported in the dailies.

Friday, September 07, 2007

I'm In Another Controversy

Again, I ignited another controversy at work. I seriously think by the end of my stint with the company, my name will be blacklisted. Sigh.

The last time I made a controversy was about the fee for the sports club's movie outing. So great was the issue that our CEO himself had to reply to ALL in the company to back the club's move.

This time around, its work related. Some system issues. From an innocent email explaining the problems with implementation of the system to the managing team and my site qs and PMs, now it has flowed out to other mangers and heads who are really not in relevant to the situation. I wonder, who else would reply to the mail. Dato CEO? MD of Properties? Country director of our Middle East counterpart? The heck.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Fun Things To Do Alone

1. Go to Borders and read your favourite book. Or the most expensive one. Or the book on something you really like to learn about.

2. Go shopping. If you have the cash or smthg you NEED to buy. Yes, go alone. It's fun coz you dont have to be too conscious of other people's perspective on your taste of stuff. You know how stressful it is to shop with a brand-conscious person, especially when you dont share the same sentiment on branded-ness.

3. Watch a DVD. Something that you like.

4. Do the things that you have always wanted to do. Like a field trip or something. Writing is easy and practical. Cooking is not recommended unless you are cooking a one-meal thing. If not how to finish up the food?

5. Sleep. Yaey!

That's what I did on the Merdeka Holidays. Who said you need to hang out to be cool and happy?

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Office Stories No. 1

Have not had the time to blog lately. Been extremely busy these days, having to assess a major claim and the amount that I will certify will be used in perhaps the arbitration court against this subcontractor who terminated himself without sufficient notice. The sue-ing part is not mine to care but the certification of work done is my responsibility. Feels so heavy on me. Heavy yet challenging and I am quite priviledge to be given such a task. Not easy, has great repercussions in the event that the dispute is brought to the court, but all in all, I'm OK with the work la.

That's why I have not had the time to blog or even do anything else. Even now I am stealing time to type.


July is the month where the gates of hell will be opened and all spirits will be released for 40 days. At least that's what the Chinese believes. But I dont, of course.

There has been frequent sightings at my site since the beginning of the so-called hungry ghost festival. A few days ago, Ali, our office general worker encountered a 'little girl about 13 years old' at 9.00pm in one of the basements. He was on the way back to the office after buying some ciggies for my PMs. The apparition apparently asked him what he was doing there but he couldnt reply coz he was too scared. He fainted.

Yesterday night another general worker was followed by a 'pregnant' lady ghost. 'She' stuck herself to him and followed him all the way till the top (where there is light). He was stunned but managed to keep his cool and pretended that he didnt know she was there.

A colleague of mine fell ill last week and he seems to get worse. Some believe he was disturbed by some spirits after the prayer ceremony a few nights back. He and another guy invited a 'bomoh' to come over at the basement to chase away all ghosts but seems like there are 2 stubborn spirits who didnt want to leave. Perhaps it was the involvement of the bomoh that caused him to fall so ill. But I'll put the bet of his illness on his ciggies. Maybe a little on the spirits too. But certainly not on ghosts and bomohs.

But so far I have not encountered any ghosts. I believe that the one in me is greater than the one in the world.


Today one of the general workers treated us to some biscuits. Nothing special, just the normal tinned assorted biscuits. He gained RM 70 from some transaction which I dont understand (coz he's Bangladeshi and speaks Bahasa a little different) and with some of the money, he bought the biscuits for us office people who earn so much more than he does. Which made me think and humble myself. I wish I could be more generous and less calculative with my money.

Speaking about construction labours, I really think sometimes they are very misunderstood. Working with them around everyday, I've come to learn that not all are as bad as we think they are. The Bangladeshis are generally more decent and they can be pretty nice and polite. And they dont mean bad. Just because they look different doesnt mean they are to be avoided. No doubt some can be bad but isnt that applicable to all races? So the next time you see a construction worker, do not treat them like they are gonna rob you but rather just treat them like normal. Unless they show obvious signs of threatening you, then in that case, RUN!

Besides that, generally, I find it beautiful to see people from different nationalities, with no proper common langguage hanging out with each other, sharing stuff, eating together and teaching and learning from one another. The cutest I saw is the Vietnamese guy and a Bangladeshi fella of which both speak broken bahasa but yet, managed to stay as good friends.


OK, that's it la for now. Got to finish up the life-or-death claims now.

Monday, August 20, 2007

If Only

Year in year out, when the new semester starts, there will be young and innocent freshies, having travelled all the way from some small town with hearts full of hope and excitement to begin a new phase of life. And every year, there will be somebody who would either quit or worst case, suicide when they find life in university isnt a bed of roses.

Juniors, why the misery? Why the negative thoughts? Why keep it to yourself? If the seniors bully you, be patient, someday someone will find out about this and help you. And seniors, what kind of bullshit mentality is this- to bully (I dont even want to use the word rag) those freshies. Have you not remember how terrible the feeling was when you first started here? How crappy you felt when you were in the junior's position? And what rubbish it is to think that just because you have been here for a little longer, you are so great that you can bully others. Nonsense! "Senior" is not a position you earned, not a title you gained because you are so great. Being a senior does not make you superior but rather it should come with the responsibility to carry your juniors when they are weak, to hold them when they are vulnerable and to encourage them to keep going strong. Cheer them to finish the race. Your juniors will respect you even more when you least command for it. And if you have been bullied by your predecessors, all the more you should NOT repeat the same on the juniors. If you do, then SHAME on you.

To the young girl who quitted uni because the seniors bullied her, I so wish I heard about this earlier. Girl, I can help you, that is for sure. You've been through so far, suffering the worse exam in Malaysia and secured yourself a place in UM. You fought through and you deserved to be here to pursue your dreams. Why do you have to leave just because of a bunch of primitive seniors? What a waste. If only I knew about this earlier. If only.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Tunku The Musical

There were two things I intended to do last Friday night: either go to the gym or stay back till a little late to finish up some work. Both didnt work out. Instead I went to watch a musical. Hehe. Joshua got two free tickets so off we went to to KLPAC.

I saw the promotion posters of "Tunku" at the LRT stations and thought to myself, this sure is a grand musical. The casts lineup is also not bad, I would love to watch if I have the time, company and of course ca$h. You know how expensive these things would be...


Tony Eusoff did a magnificant job in portraying Tunku. Really. I especially like the classic scene where he shouted 'Merdeka' 7 times. And Douglas Lim was pretty good as Tun Tan Cheng Lock. But funny thing is, how come no Tun Sambathan?? before you start boiling that racism blood, pls scroll down...I'll tell you why.





That's because the whole drama was NOT about Tunku and his kawan-kawan. How dare you blespheme our Bapa Kemerdekaan by making a play about him! Hah, not that la. Throughout the entire play Tunku never appeared, except on the screen where footages of the past was flashed out for us to see as part of the presentation. The story was more focused on the events and incidents post-independance. Also deep issues about racism and all, which actually led to to thk, gosh, these people are BRAVE, wont they get into trouble by doing this??

Anyway, as usual, I wont elaborate about the story. You wanna know more, go to KLPAC's website. So I'm gonna talk about what I like about the musical. My favourite part was the transition from "God Save The Queen" to "Negaraku". Excellent. A guy would sing the British national anthem solo and slowly, the group will join in with the Negaraku. GSTQ fades and Negaraku got louder, and louder until, GSTQ was not heard anymore. I personally find that transition very deep and profound. It brought up some sense of pride, that the rain is over and we could finally leave the umbrella of foreign rulers. It was an emotional moment, and I think I felt some tears preparing to roll down my cheeks. But it didnt. Heh.

Another scene, not any favourite of mine but its was outstanding. The graphic rape scene. Yes, there was a rape scene in the play. Not gonna elaborate much about that but it was one of the erm, 'highlights' for the 13th May 1969 incident.

So people, if you like musical theatres, you may want to consider Tunku. It may not be as grand as Puteri Gunung Ledang but it deserves some credits too. Go watch it if you are a keen theatre-goer. It's at KLPAC.

Speaking about KLPAC, it was my first trip there and I love the place so much. Very, very classy colonial style buildings (KLPAC occupies one of those buildings) with a peaceful park surrounding the area. It must have been a high society British residential area a long time ago. Made up of beautiful clay bricks with some rustic edge as the building ages with time. They are they look better as they get older! haha.

Seems like time has stopped from the days of the British rule and Coliseum Cafe.

Ah, did I mention anywhere that Joshua knows both the music and lyrics guys? There were his schoolmates! Suddenly I felt like I am so close to the high society pulak, haha.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Just To Say Hello

It's been a while since I last blogged. Life has not been boring in the past couple of weeks, just that I didnt (and still dont) have the time to blog about the latest muse in my life. More so to load pictures. Darn on my job. If you have sibs who want to pursue quantity surveying, tell them DONT. Tie them to the bed, lock them up, send them to military school. Never step into construction, especially as a QS.


Hopefully I'll be able to post up something by this weekend.

Ta. Back to work.

Monday, August 06, 2007

I've Made It!

Rejoice for I have conquered of the most challenging task a yuppie would take on. C'mon, I completed a 10km race! Yaey!

It took me 1 hour 30 minutes to reach the finishing line after 4 km of running, 0.5km of jogging and the remaining 5.5km of brisk walking. I swear to you that I did NOT stop to rest throughout the entire race and the only times I slowed down was at the water checkpoint which was like 5km away from the starting point and 3 km away from the finishing line. Though I didn’t qualify for a medal or a certificate, nevertheless, I am still proud to be able to complete the race without any hitch. No leg cramps. No breathlessness. No sinus problem.

That’s all about me in the race.

Now, about the race itself. Well, it started really early, 7.00am for my category and 6.45am for longer distances categories. I don’t know how many participants in the race but my bet is around 6000 or so. I never knew there were THAT many marathoners in Malaysia.

That morning everyone was early. There were the reporters.

There was Dato Seri Sam. He flagged off the race. Honestly, this was the first time I actually see a minister live in person and he looked….no different from how he looks on TV. Of course Sam V didn’t notice me lah although I went right to the front together with other official reporters to take his picture on the pedestal.

There was DKT. No surprise for me though coz I always knew he is a supporter of company events.

Oh, btw, this run was organized by the company. NPE belongs to the us now, MUAHAHA.

There were the runners.

The crowd was massive.

And surprisingly, Spiderman came too!

The things that people do to get attention. Haih.
Here's a pic of the tired people who made it to the end..

If you know me well enough you would probably be able to guess what I would feature next.


a) A running vest worth RM 59.90
b) A tshirt worth RM 44.90
c) Im supposed to get another Planet IJM tshirt but I didn’t want it coz I already have 2 from the Gunung Ledang trip. So this shirt in not in the picture.
d) Vouchers. Eyewear voucher and shoe voucher.

All those (except item c) are from Adidas. Original. FOC. Makes me smile from ear to ear! Haha.

I deliberately left my registration number for those 4D buyers. Gambling is bad, my advice to you.

Anyway, after the race my legs were aching and I just needed something to soothe them or else I wouldnt be able to drive home. I take pride in my abilities to multitask while driving- rubbing deep heating cream on my claves is one of them ;p. Mind you, I drive a manual car OK.

Deep Heating Rub by Mentholatum really works.

Go buy it if you intend to run a marathon anytime soon.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Sorry For The Virus

Dear all of my MSN contacts,

I am so extremely absolutely sorry and ashamed of my misbehaved MSN account which just couldnt stop sending out virus despite various attempts to prevent it from happening. I have since uninstalled the programme as an effort to curb the spreading of this virus. So if you see any messages from me which conjure a very normal conversation before sending a winzip file with the title "pic.gif", DO NOT ACCEPT THE TRANSFER.

I dont suddenly send pics thru MSN ok. Unless I call you by your full name, then maybe you can accept the file. Otherwise, DONT. I got the stupid virus through the same method, a totally normal conversation which led to me trusting that the 'friend' wanted to send me some pics and whoop! the virus had claimed another victim. Me. Sad.

So guys, I accept new 3G phones, a laptop, external HDD 80G or a brand new CPU as a thank you gift for warning u all of this new virus. ;p No lah, kidding. Most importantly, please know that it was never my intention to harm anyone's pc with any form of malicious viruses. Take care and please dont blame me for all the crappy things tht u received from the so-called tina on msn. Not sent by me, the virus did it. I guess it would take a long time before I could re-install MSN again. And if anybody have any advice on how to boot the virus, let me know. Million thanks.


Wednesday, August 01, 2007

I'm Running On A Marathon This Weekend

For the sake of the company and the Sports Club, I'm going to sacrificed my ONLY rest day in a week to wake up at 5.00am just to be on time for the NPE Adidas King of The Road marathon which will flag off at 7.00am.

Adui, so early. Could have done so many better things like go for breakfast, or SLEEP.= ( But then again, its OK lah, I just need to make believe that I'm actually waking up early to exercise. Hehe..

For this race, I will have to run for 10 km within an hour. That's like 6 mins for every km. At the speed of 10 kph. AND have to run in a constant pace. Can I make it? Even at the gym, I find myself dreading every minute at the threadmill. Speaking about the gym, I've not been to one for quite some time due to work overcommitment and lots and lots of things that were happening around me (eg friends getting married, friend suddenly wanna meet up, birthdays, etc). And to add salt to the already ailing muscles, I ate a lot lately. Dont know why, maybe I'm stressed (tho I refuse to admit that I eat more when stressed). Darn. Might not be able to finish the race on time. I dont want to be running (or most likely, walking) halfway only to find myself having to avoid cars and bikes that would be using the highway after 10am.

Am seriously thinking of hopping into the Adidas bus if I cant finish half the course in 30 mins. But it will be quite a shame to tell people that I joined a marathon (which sounds like a macho thing) but ended up being picked by the bus coz I couldnt finish the race on time (anti-climax betul!). But the positive side is, I will have more time to enjoy myself, enjoy the freebies and..take photographs as much as I want!

In the meantime, with 4 more days to go and tak sempat also to train up my muscles so I might as well strategize on where should I stop to take photographs! After all, my bigger interest is in photography, not the medal or the cash prize.
Will report from the scene next week.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Scary Possibility

Heard this news on the radio today and thought to myself, hm, scary!

I imagine myself being in the owner's shoes.

Properties in the Klang Valley generally isnt cheap. Lagi in prime areas like Mont Kiara, PJ and Damansara. A decent condominium easily costs a minimum of RM 250K, which means you need a downpayment of at least RM 25,000. Seems small but if you earn an average 2.5K-3.5K a month, that would take years before you could actually afford to dump that sum of cash into your dream apartment without having to eat sand and grass everyday. And then there's the installment, maintenance cost and quit rent to pay. And upon completion of the building (or for second hand properties, the completion of all the procedures), you have to think about furnishing and decorating your new home. That is the most exciting part, despite having to spend another good RM 10K or so. You would be thinking about the theme of your home, what sofa to buy, how to organise the kitchen and stuff... After all that monetary sacrifices and efforts used to make your new apartment a home, you finally could move in and live happily ever after in that new place of zen.

And then, just before you were scheduled to move in, you found a dead body sealed in the refrigerator.

Damn potong stim. Potong until cannot reignite.

I dont believe in ghosts (not spirits, though) but surely I will be mentally affected by the fact that SOMEBODY WAS BRUTALLY MURDERED AND CHOPPED IN MY NEW APARTMENT. I would imagine how it all happened. Could the murderer a black magic practitioner who chopped her housemate to sacrifice to her pagan gods? Could it be the activity of a cult? Was the apartment once a home for the cult group, where they invite pagan spirits and performed their ritual here? Were there more than one bloodshed in the apartment? Eee...

Or maybe, things were less complicated. An angry-turned-pshychotic wife couldnt bear with her husband being unfaithful or abusive to her decided to take justice into her own hand by murdering the husband. And to avoid punishment, she chopped him up and left the body to decompose in the fridge, hoping the body will be kept frozen and undetected for a long time. But she forgot that there will NOT be any electricity supply during the period of vacancy so...naturally the scent of the dead will emerge. Hm.

Or maybe, the victim was murdered by his mentally challenged son. Oh, maybe, he was murdered by some rough labourers who wanted to rob him. I am not bias to foreign labourers, but being in the industry which heavily depends on them, I know which labourers are harmless, which should be avoided. And the ones to be avoided, I would say, are NOT nice and dangerous.

Whatever the reasons be, a dead man in a new home is not a good moving-in surprise. I bet the owner of the new apartment would have to wait at least a year before he could move in to give clearance for the cops to do their stuff. If this were to happen to me, the first thing in my mind is...Gosh



A little thought about murder. I was thinking and chatting with Petrina about how amusing our bodies can be. You see, if a cat dies, it dies and nobody gives much thought about the body and the stench. But a human body cannot be hidden, no matter how hard the murderer tried. You can burn like in the Canny Ong's case, still the charred remains will be found. You can even blast it into bits like in the Atlantuya's case, still the crime will not go undetected. Heck, you can even try to chop them into pieces and selamba dump like its a normal rubbish like in the Ipoh Parkson Ria case 15 years ago, or even make the extra mile to refrigerate the body like the case above. Have you thought of that before- that the murdered human body CANNOT be disposed undetected at all? Petrina enlightened me of this- that it is written in the Bible, in the very first account of innocent bloodshed. The story of Cain and Abel. Here's an excerp from the Biblegateway. Sorry, poor editing of the image.

The blood of the innocent cries out for justice, to be heard, and to be avenged. There is no escaping to that.

Friday, July 27, 2007

How Can Any Girl Like Tarzan These Days?

I saw Tarzan the cartoon on Disney channel a couple of nights ago. Well, if I were a kid, I would think that Tarzan and Jane will live happily ever after and Jane could find no better match than the heroic macho beefcake Tarzan. But now that I am way past the days of immaturity and have started making sense in everything I see, I thought that the whole Tarzan-Jane thingy is nonsensical.

I mean, can you see that Tarzan:
1) is uneducated therefore he cannot live elsewhere other than his jungle
2) will never become rich in his entire life even if he makes it into the city. Unless he is willing work for the circus and runs his show free from any blood-sucking agents.
3) lives with a bunch of flea-infested apes family
4) eats fruits ONLY with no variety of preparation.
5) became the chief of the apes, which means he has the heavy responsibility of taking care of his tribe

Imagine how would Jane feel in a few years time when all the heat of romance dies. No woman can live in this condition for long! Especially sophisticated girls like Jane. No shopping. No movies. No gourmet food. Cant go back to civilisation to visit your family and friends. No soap to bathe. Bathe in river water. Subject yourself to threats of other venomous or carnivorous animals. No modern medication. To travel you have to either walk, swing from tree to tree, or hitch a ride from the elephants. Absolutely no form of entertainment. Not to mention your living environment- when its hot and humid you dont have a fan or air-cond to cool yourself, when it rains outside, you only have the trees as shelter....The list can go on and on and on and on and.......

But the worst of all these is... She has to become the Tuanku Permaisuri of the Government of Apes. What a title.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Free Movie Passes

I opened my mailbox today to find a delightful email from Starlight Cinema offering me some freebies. I love freebies!

I chanced upon the website just to see if there are opportunities to hold a corporate movie outing there since this is something different and the peeps at my company might be interested to join in what I would call as "Picnic With The Stars", if it does materialise anyway. I saw the whole freebie giveaway thingy and I thought, why not since I am here? Never thought I would win the passes though...But I did! Haha..

But as I read on, I found this:

Today is 26 July, Thursday. Tomorrow is Friday 27 July and the following day is Saturday 28 July. Meaning to say that if I want to utilise my free double passes I have to do it TODAY before 7.00PM! And they emailed me only yesterday. That's a cheat, man! And tonight's movie isnt my type of movie at all- The Holiday. Sigh.

If anybody wants the free tickets, perhaps you can message me and I'll email to you. But got to do by TODAY.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I Love Rain

Not the Korean/Japanese/Taiwanese singer! (Heck, i dont even know what he is!)

Im talking about the wet weather. Of late, God has been generously pouring down rain from the clouds into our dry land. If you remember a couple of weeks back, the sun was soooooo hot that you literally just dont sweat anymore but feel burnt internally like a chicken in a microvawe oven. But things took a turn some 2 Sundays ago when the rain started. And it hit us hard and mighty. I remember getting trapped in the car because the rain was so heavy tht even if I had an umbrella, I would still be soaking wet. And I could feel the strong wind blowing across my car as I was lying inside, waiting for the rain to subside...

With the rain, came the cool temperature that I always long for. It feels like Genting Highlands at home..Um um.. But the sad thing is I have only a maximum of 6 hours to enjoy the nice warm cuddle with my bolster underneath my little blankie. Perfect night to get cozy, better still if dont have to wake up early, haha.

I hope the rain will continue for the next few months.

Clouds enfolding the KLCC Twin Towers after a heavy downfall the night before..

Monday, July 23, 2007

So Much To Write

But was totally killed off when I see the pictures that was taken by my company's el-chepo Ben Q digital camera with absolutely NO anti hand shake, NO optical zoom, and NO night features. The results- damn shaky pics without flash, and very noisy and pixelized image with flash. It's really bad, so sorry guys, I cant put it up here for your viewing. I hope Jean's camera would produce better results.

Damn you BenQ if dont know how to make camera dont sell la, now pics tak jadi so how? Stupid. Cheap is no excuse ok coz Nikon also can sell the good L4 for a price below RM500, what cant you? Just stop selling ok? I blame BenQ and also my project for buying such cheap camera. Sigh.

Anyway, since I tak ada mood to write about my very interesting weekend and 2 nights of party (NOT the club party, but home party), I shall write about...nothing. Just some ramblings. Oh ya, the search for Tong Kee Confectionary did not bear any positive fruit- the shop was closed on the day that I needed to buy those famous egg tarts! Ish. Sia-sia only I write so much about that place only to find that its closed- on a Saturday evening! I ended up getting my tarts from Berry's, which is kinda boring. Should've done more research before I venture out.

Will write more when I have the time and when I have cooled off my anger. Still quite pissed with the BenQ.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

A Little Bit Of Salt Adds Taste To Life...

Nothing soothes the tired legs and stressful mind when caught in a Friday night traffic jam at Puduraya more than some good music in the car to accompany you all the way home. I highly recommend Mix FM's Retro R&B on Friday nights. Especially if you are driving in the heart of the city coz it just jives so well to the city beat.

My particular favourite for the night was "December 1963" by Four Seasons. Excellent tune with a brilliant mix.


Ah, if you remember yesterday's entry about the search for the best egg tarts, I'm one step closer to success- I finally located the very much acclaimed egg tart shop- Tong Kee. It's pretty easy to get there, just get to the Pudu prison junction, turn into Jalan Pudu, keep to the left and look for the signboard that says 'Jalan Brunei'. The main Jalan Brunei is just after the caltex station and from there on, drive pass the big mamak and turn right. It's very near Plaza Pudu.

I'm telling you the directions because I noticed nobody has ever mentioned the location of the shop, save for the address and the fact that its in Pudu, which doesnt help for non KLites like me. So the next time you google "Tong Kee location", I hope you can get through this page and make your way to this place.

In all the hype, the tarts here have better be GOOD. Will go there to get the tarts later.

I so love trying new food at new places. And backlane, old time chinese restaurants, which I rarely find in PJ. Um um...=) Pudu and Jalan Imbi are interesting places for food. KL is great in that sense. I think I have to start looking for makan kakis...

I am thankful to God for blessing me with long legs. I may not have beautiful legs like Paris Hilton but at least my legs are long enough to carry me around my construction site! I sometimes am required to walk over makeshift platforms, jump from slab drops and cross over huge gaps between one side of the slab to another.

I am already missing my digital camera. Come baaaack to me! I so wished my camera was with me last night coz there was so much to capture in my little road adventure at Pudu and downtown KL. I hope Joshua keeps it safe and sound coz I am holding his car as ransom (muahahaha!).

Will try to borrow my office chepo camera over the weekend. I personally dont quite like the images but beggers can't be choosers, rite?

Nice meh? I think the colors are not vibrant and the image is not sharp. But can't complaint lah since its a Ben-Q and doesnt come with optical zoom..

Friday, July 20, 2007

The Search For The Best Egg Tarts

I am doing a huntdown for the best egg tarts in KL. Why egg tarts? Well, first of all, egg tarts are adorably cute and they are well enjoyed by almost everyone in Malaysia. Tell me, who doesnt like egg tarts? And secondly, I thought egg tarts make easy finger food for Pheng's a friend's bridal shower this weekend.

Since most of the guests for the evening would most probably bring in their fantastic signature dishes and I could only tapau some food due to work (I work till 5 smthg every Saturday), I might as well search for THE BEST EGG TARTS IN TOWN. Gloria gave a good start by telling me the existance of a famous egg-tartler in Jalan Imbi. Well, I searched the net and was led to another place called Tong Kee confectionary at Pudu.

Picture taken from PabloPabla's blog. I dont know who she is but heck, she has one of the best pics for Tong Kee's egg tarts!

Apparently, this place has been operating for as long as anyone could remember and is still serving the best egg tarts in the whole of KL. Kononnya the baker adds lard to his dough to produce the well-loved crispy pastry for the tart. I have yet to verify that but I think this is a pretty safe bet if I were to bring egg tarts for the occassion tomorrow. But before I clap my hands in glee and close my case for The-Best-Egg-Tarts-In-KL search, it is only fair for me to look for other contenders.

Before I knew about this bakery, I was thinking of getting the tarts from a pretty nice bakey called Papparoti at Ampang Park. I was first introduced to these tarts by a colleague who treated everyone in the office egg tarts for tea. The pastry is also crispy, almost like crossaint, and the custard- juuuust nice, not too sweat and wont make you jelak. Plus, its relatively cheaper than that of Tong Kee's, which means I can buy MORE. Can even buy some for my sister and myself. She extremely lurrrrves egg tarts! The tarts are so light that they can be eaten as appetisers or dessert after a heavy meal!

So the dilemma now is, Tong Kee or Papparoti? Price or quality? If I weigh the pros between the two, I sould say that Papparoti has the upper hand coz it's near my office and its way cheaper than Tong Kee. But in the sense of quality in the taste, I would still consider Tong Kee the safest bet. How ah? Hmm. I have one night to think.

Monday, July 16, 2007


I sprained my neck in a vain attempt to staple so many papers at one time- while sitting and not standing as I ought to be when handling large quantities of papers.

I so regret this.

Rotting at Home? A Little.

Last Saturday was fantastic- I stayed in. Ya, didnt go anywhere except to Tesco to get some stuff for dinner. I really, really needed that time alone at home just to unwind and chill. And to cook too. I love cooking but never seem to find the time to really get into the kitchen and do all the frying and stuff. This time I not only managed to cook a decent dinner but also some dessert! Haha. I feel so accomplished!

But you know things can get a little boring when the night gets later and the TV stations expect less viewers on a Saturday night. I found myself watching a lame malay movie on TV3! haha. But all in all, the night alone was pretty cool. At least I enjoyed it.

Maybe you guys should try it too. =)

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Super Heroes and Patriotism

I realised something about superheroes. They are very much similar to one another.

Can you spot the similarity in the pictures below?

L-R: Optimus Prime (Transformers), Superman (Superman), and Spiderman (Spiderman)

Can you see the similarity?

Yes, their theme colors are Red and Blue! Why those colors? I suspect its because of this:

The American flag is predominatly Red and Blue. You see, American heroes bear the American flag in their bodies to show their patriotism. It could be deliberate, it could be coincidence and could be inspirational. Probably the comic/cartoon guys just couldnt think of any color to suit their superheroes so they conviniently used the color of the American flag.

Don't quote me, its just my speculation. Red and blue are indeed a catchy combination.

But for this superhero from the East, I would believe it has somthing to do with patriotism.

Ultraman and all his kind ie Taro and the rest which I dont remember their names by now.

Theme colors are Red and White. Just like the Japanese Flag.

Jap hero who comes to save the day.

In Malaysia, we have our own superheroes too. Remember Keluang Man? Haha... tapi tak ada gambar la for that fella.

Since no pic of him, let's look at our latest superhero- Cicak Man! (literal translation- Lizard Man).

There is nothing patriotic about Cicak Man. And he doesnt look anything gecko-ish. Not even close. How la? Color combination also doesnt reflect our Jalur Gemilang.

Cicak Man should wear Red, Blue AND Yellow.

** All pictures courtesy of The World Wide Web.