Monday, December 04, 2006

Those sinful cravings again

I am craving for sin again. Sin is always so tempting, and falling into sin makes me feel guilty. But I my flesh is week, and many times I allow myself to indulge in those evil cravings that is not good for me.

I am talking about food and the lastest cravings that I have are for Secret Recipe's cheesecakes and something with alcohol in it. Be it pudding, chocolate or ice-cream, alcohol-contained food is always good to the tongue, tho may or may not be the same for the body.

I saw this chocolate in The Cocoa Tree in 1u- Cadbury Rum and Raisin. Contains 1% rum. Ayuh, so tempting! Feel like just having a binge in front of the tv now with both my feet rested on the pouff and think about nothing except the chocolate, tv and myself!

Will buy tht home for Christmas. =)

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