Wednesday, December 27, 2006

This blog is not for trouble makers

If you have too much free time and enjoy insulting yourself, go ahead.

Your comments will be deleted.

This blog was never meant to be a place for trouble makers to put their thoughts in. Was never meant to be a place to pick a fight. And more so, was never meant to be a place for bitter arguments and conveying ugly messages and vulgarities.

This blog was started for only 1 sole purpose- as a place for me to write my thoughts and my happenings. As a record of things happened and is happening. A series of ideas i have in mind which i want to write before I forget. And a journal of my ups and downs so that i can ponder at the end of it all. And the reason I put this online is to share it with my friends and loved ones.

But this place has since been invaded by some unscroupulous cowards, whose intentions are not good for sure. I am considering moving this blog to another place. I am truly disapponted that this blog has gone unappreciated and has been a subject of insult and riducule by some people. Perhaps, if you dont appreciate my writings, I would be happier if you didnt know about this blog in the first place.

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