Friday, December 29, 2006

PMR 9As?

Since when did PMR kids start getting 9 As? 9 subjects??? PMR level???

During my time, 7As was the max a non muslim can go (and 8 for muslims coz they have an additional religious subject). If you get 7As, its smthg to celebrate. But now, with 9As being the max that I heard of so far, 7As seems like nothing.

SPM is even more frightening. The last that I heard of, a prodigy from somewhere scored 17As. That's crazy! Makes me wonder does she do anything else other than hitting the books? Which reminds me of a certain modern malay pantun. Smthg like, berkawan dengan buku, berkahwin dengan kejayaan. Yucks! So neeeerrddyyy....zzz. Sounds like smthg that the API students would think of. I think she adhered to that principle and yes, she married to success (literal translation to that poem).

When I was in Form 5, 9As is smthg enviable by all. Getting 10 is even better. It makes mothers boast to neighbors and proudly compare with some other aunties' sons/ daughters' results. We hardly heard of any 11As or 12 (except for a handful of them), let alone 17! But now, the value of As in public exams seems to have dropped drastically over the past 5 years. Top students are like roaches, you hear about them everywhere.

But then again, can we really blame the education system? Yes and no. Our system is (this may sound cliche but its the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth) very exam oriented. I remembered having to study like a phychotic kiasu (coz I cant remember things well) weeks before any major exams because I know, if I dont pass, I'm gonna get the boot from any form of education. Form 6 was not an option for me- it was compulsory! It was either I do or die. I passed that. Gaining admission into a local uni was also not an option coz that was the only way I had. (Parents not rich enough to send me to private unis/colleges, not even TARC!). So the path that I took, the way that was carved for me was very much, exam oriented. Success measured by the number of As we get.

In University, it was a biiiiiiiiiitttt different only, with the addition of assignments on top of exams. But those one time papars were still the determinators of our future- you proceed or re-sit. I personally hate exams a lot. If I were given a choice I'd rather do assignments, though the former is easier to score. I guess scoring has been an integral part in our education system that it has somewhat built a stubborn mindset that the main goal of studying is to score more marks for ourselves. And we could take the easiest (though may not be the best and effective) way to acheive this goal. I find this whole thing about scoring, scoring and more scoring nonsensical and rubbish! **this is my personal view only**. The things that I remember the most from my uni years were those that I had personally done my research on and presented in my assignments. Nil from my book cover-to-cover revision for exams (or rather, page-by-page lecture notes).

Now having completed my education (normal education path, ie kindy, primary, secondary school, pre-U, degree) I can advice the younger ones with one thing:

UPSR: ah, you'll still go to Form 1 anyway. Doesnt affect ur future in any way at all.
PMR: Do well enough to get to science stream (if you wish so).
SPM: Unless you are eyeing a scholarship, getting 2As or 10 doesnt make any difference coz you're going Form 6 anyway. If you wanna go college, then all the more you dont have to be borthered with results.
STPM: This is the only exam that matters. It determines whether you get to chase your dreams or not. Solely for the purpose of admission into your choiced university and pursueing your choiced course. Still doesnt determine your success in uni.

So wat's the point of my writing today anyway? Im not asking u all to not to study or not to score. Do your best but have fun too. Success is more than books, papers and A s.

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