Thursday, December 28, 2006

Movie that I watched last night

It's a deep mandarin movie called "The Banquet" (Yes, I do watch Chinese movies, but selected ones only). It's got an extravagant courtyard setting as the backdrop, beautifully crafted mandarin and not to mention, a list of top-notch actors and actresses.

Overall, the movie started pretty fine, very artistic and I appreciate the 'slowness' of the plot. Everything seems so arty to me, from the way they speak, to the way they move and the way the story goes. It's like one of those award winning movies, where motion is more important than entertainment value. (Yeah, got it? THAT type, slow and seemingly meaningless). And then the movie reached the climax which, wasnt very exciting coz there isnt a distinct line that separares the climax and other scenes. And the climax itself wasnt even reaching the expected peak coz, like its starting, everyting is slow. The ending was just as disappointing. The director had put in too much artistic feel to the movie that his audience, especially ones like me would fail to capture the essence of the story. It appears to me as though the director/scriptwriter didnt know how to end the story thus created some lame ending to it.

The cast now. I was really, really, really surprised to see and hear Daniel Wu speaking fluent Mandarin. And all this while I thought he's an American who cant speak a word of canto to save his life! Respect, respect...

Do watch this movie if you have time. For me, I enjoyed Hero more but this is still a goood artistic movie. I hope "The Curse of the Golden Flower" would rival this movie. Which I guess I'll be watching only if i suddenly find the DVD stashed somewhere in my apartment like "The Banquet"...

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