Wednesday, December 06, 2006

I should do this:

I thk I should dress up a little bit more to work.

I dont put make up and I hardly wear skirt to work. I think I can count the number of times I wear skirt to office with 1 hand- somewhere within the range of 3-5 times. And I have been working for more than 8 months now!

Personanality-wise, I am not the skirt or the dressy type. I dont mind wearing those skirts or dresses, I just dont FEEL like wearing one. And I hv thousands of excuses to avoid wearing those. Like, my work requires a lot of moving around the office, of which a skirt would impede my freedom of movement and slow me down tremendously. And then there is the excuse that I dont have nice leg skin which is actually quite true...And then again, I have to work late, I dont want to attract guys, etc etc...I can think of lots more, trust me.

But truth be told is, I am just NOT the feminine feminine type of gal- and I am in the construction line, mind you. I like to look good but I am just lazy to wear skirt and put in the extra effort to move a little more femininely. And make up- its such a troublesome thing when I work late and all I want to do when I reach home is bathe and sleep.

I am not perasan lah, but I got to admit that I look good in skirt and dress. OK, fact is, every gal looks good in skirts lah. The hottest gal in office is hot because she wears skirts and puts make up everyday. In my personal view, i think she wouldn't look that great without all the fancy clothes and facial plastering. Not kutuking here, never meant to; I'm merely expressing my thoughts. And certainly no malice toward her. She's a nice person btw. But her job memang lah can wear all those fancy office clothes- she's not in the technical line and doesnt need to make big movements like me (eg flipping and sorting A1 drawings, measuring huge areas on A1 papers, literally running around the office to get work done faster, etc etc)

Maybe I should make it a new year resolution huh? But...ish...But then again...Haih. I also dont know la. The battle rages between style and laziness. I have a month to decide which side wins.

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s1nn3r said...

Just be yourself.. be comfortable for what u wear.. No need 2 wear sexy sexy but at least tidy & persentable ..