Thursday, December 14, 2006

Christmas is approaching soon

It is time to press that striking red panic button!

Today is **glance at calender** 14th December- 11 days before Christmas. And I have not gotten a thing for anyone and myself!

I have a list of people whom I plan to give out gifts to this year. Regardless of whether they will return the favor or not, I still will bless them with smthg simply because I want to and now that I am working, I should spend a bit more for the people i love. Plus, it's year end, high time to be merry and pamper myself all I want!

The past few days had been tiring for me, because of work and also because of all the evening browsing at nearby malls to scout for ideal gifts for friends. And yea, for myself too- I havnt shopped for clothes for months! Christmas is a good reason to buy new clothes without feeling guilty for messing with my monthly budget. Speaking about budget, I deliberately leave out budgeting for this month to allow myself to spend as needed and trust God to take me through the month. After all, I am not being selfish with my money, I am buying for people more than for myself! Perhaps this is a good training ground for me to trust God for my finances and learn not to be too hard up with my cash.

Anyway, my hunting trips had not been very fruitful. I got nothing for anyone, and nil for myself. I must get smthg by this week, or else i would have to resort to mass-buying of the same item- like chocolates. Sad, right? I like to personalise my gifts- chocolates are just so conventional...=(

Till then, I will have to walk the malls every night till smthg comes along...Oh yes, i forgot to mention that I saw a pretty nice top at Ikano, gonna check it out tonight. That is for myself ;p

This year's Christmas will be celebrated at home. The one in Taiping, I mean. Yes, I am going home and Christmas is going to be just like how it was celebrated in the previous years...

So, to make it a lil different, I might want to cook smthg for dinner. But that also must depend on whether mum will let me use her kitchen or not. I dont have any specialty (yet!!) but curry seems to be the best bet for me if I were to do a cookout and impress people ;p

I feel like making popiah too...=)

Shopping blues

Apart from the dilemma of choosing the right stuff for the right people for Christmas, there is this persisting problem that borthers me all year long. Yaah, wat else could it be but the agony of having to try out so many nice pants only to find that they dont suit me that well?

I have a weird body, this I've got to admit. Long legs, big waistline and small butt, how easy can it get when it comes to buying a decent and flattering pair of pants (and jeans)? Except for expensive brands like Topshop and the like, it is almost impossible to find smthg that fits me like it should minus the alarming cashflow out of my pocket. I so wish that I could fit into Padini or Seed...sigh. Also, I am fussy when it comes to clothes. Not every style suits me, and vice versa. This is the main cause for my empty handed shopping trips all these while.

So, if I do find smthg tht fits me and is well with my budget (as long as it doesnt burst it to bits) I wouldnt give a second thought of buying it. And I would even consider buying two of the same items (with different colors of course) if I really like it!


Petrina said...

dearest tina, been such a long time since i last met u ... :)

y'know, the bit about buying something suitable as soon as u find it really reminds me of ur time-honoured tale i.e. the woodcutter's son ... :)

have a safe trip bk and good luck in the kitchen...blessed christmas!

s1nn3r said...

What about mine?? i will bring back Chad for u this chinese new year

tina said...

petrina: haha...ya, same to u too...happy christmas and have a blessed new year ahead!
s1nn3r: tak mahu lah...=(