Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas and the month of December

I’ve never not thankful that I am not born KL-ite coz at holiday seasons like this, it’s just so good to have a home somewhere out of state to return to for a holiday. It brings out the sweet nostalgic feeling of being home once again, after being away for so long.

This Christmas, I wanna make a list of things that I am thankful for and things that I enjoy before, during and after Christmas:

I enjoyed the trip back home by bus. Although I almost missed the bus- I was late by almost 10 minutes, I am glad that the bus was late too.

I enjoyed the company and mini- celebrations that I had with my friends. The lobster dinner with Ee Lee and Lenny was good, although it could have been better with Sam who couldn’t make it due to the ongoing flood in Melaka then. I love the LF Christmas party at Pheng’s the week before Christmas, where the carolers came and almost finish up our food. I enjoyed the preparation for the party, especially the scouting for the best chicken to serve on that evening. And yes, the gift exchange that we had too.

I was happy to be able to meet up with Sharon’s LF (my former LF) before Christmas to celebrate Chui Kam’s and Lai Cheng’s birthday. And we took the opportunity to have a gift exchange as well.

My company did not forget that Christmas is a time to celebrate. The right wing of my floor (Contracts, Technical, Purchasing, PPE) organized a little Christmas lunch and goft exchange in conjuction with, well, Christmas. Yeap, this is the one that I wrote about a few entries ago. Although the gifts that we got were rather silly, it is still good coz every one had a good laugh at the gifts.

For the first time in many years, I joined the caroling team. Not in church this time, but my company caroling. I am a lousy singer, no denial in it. But it was worth the effort, walking around the company, performing from floor to floor and distributing candies to all who were present. By the end of it, everyone was tired but we had a great time doing it. And best of all, I got to know more people from other parts of the company. =)

I also enjoyed the last minute shopping for gifts and stuff for myself although I tire myself at the end of the day. And the look at the recipients’ faces when they unwrap the present and saw that the gift was good…Priceless.

I also appreciate the Christmas sermon given about the Nativity. The message had opened my mind to see the story of the events surrounding the birth of Jesus which I had not noticed before although I thought I knew that story very well.

I am glad to have a safe journey home although it took me the whole day just to get to my apartment at Damansara. (6.5 hours in total- I could go to Johore and back!)

I appreciate the gifts that i received this year. Some may be lame but im still happy to have received them. Of course I am happier for the good gifts that I got.l =)

But most of all I am thankful to God for sending Jesus on Christmas day, not so much so that we have smthg to celebrate, but for our redemption on the cross 33 years after the first Christmas day. Truly He is worth our adoration and worship. This is the true meaning of Christmas and knowing this makes Christmas even more meaningful than the snow, santa and gifts.

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