Monday, December 04, 2006

Career change?

A fren of mine, B was writing about her new found interest in make up and how she was contemplating quitting her job as a QS to pursue her dream job as a bridal make up artist. We gave her advice, etc etc and finally she decided to take 2 months unpaid leave to undergo the course and practise make up on a part-time basis and see what comes. If it works out, she might quit her job and jumps into the make up line. But if it doesnt, then, at least she had tried and will not die in regret and all the haunting thoughts if 'what-ifs' and 'i should have's.

I dont know what to say. Wise in a way- to start off part time and see what comes. But a little not-so-wise to waste her degree for a job that requires no degree at all. Maybe I'm just too realistic. Kill-joy. Anyway, I wish her all happiness and I have the feeling that she will make it. If there is one person in this world who has all the luck, she's the one... (i never meant to imply or apply that she's got no substance, she's a dean's list student, mind you).

Which leads me to the thought. Should I also do smthg tht I like? But I wouldnt say that I have a 'dying passion' for anything at all. I like a lot of stuff- sports, music, theatre, cooking and a little bit of dance (for fitness) as well as writing. But I wouldnt go as far as to enrol myself in any course or even quitting my job for my interest. I do have plans to leave the profession in the future but that would take place probably in the next 5 years time or later. Got to iron out some issues and strategies first before making that giant leap...

Anyway, back to passions and interest and working for what i like and not for money and all that whole issue. I thk the main problem with me is not my indecisiveness of what to do but rather, I cannot commit to what I want to do. My current job requires me to hv free time at night coz I wouldnt know when I have to stay till late to complete my work. And then there is this thing about relations with friends and family which, if I were to pursue a part time job I would have to sacrifice the only free time I have to catch up with them. I still meet up with my old school mates, uni mates, church mates and some new friends (not many tho) and I dont wish to see myself drifting away from my friends for some kind of part time job or class or whatever. Even if I dont meet up with anyone, I still would rather spend the quality time that I have with myself just to rest and do what I want, alone.

I think the only motivation for me to start picking up a new skill is just to meet new people. I always seek to expand my network. Get to know more people. I'm already a full-grown working adult, so I should build up my network of yuppies for more exposure to the world outside. Maybe that is the only motivation for me to take up a course. Ok, besides the hope that my interest would actually pay me thousands of ringgit (or other higher currency) for practising it. Which, in fact has a probability of 50% or less...

So, just for the fun of it, i think i would take up tennis (from whr i stopped a long time ago) which is achievable thanks to the Kelab Sukan and But i wont make a career out of any. If (IF) i were to jump, perhaps smthg like writing and events would be a better choice for me. On a fun note, i would like to try modelling (OK, I know I am NOT model material, face not pretty, body got fats here and there and I dont have tofu skin and Pantene hair) and DJ-ing (Yes, I also know that I am NOT DJ material either, I am not eloquent enough). That's why la I said 'on a fun note'. Just for fun.

So what do I do in the end? Just wait and see what God has in store for me.

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s1nn3r said...

I salute her strength to chase after her dreams.. At least when u fail, u dare to say u have tried. Most of us including me doesnt have the courage to chase our own dream..