Saturday, December 30, 2006

Somebody got a new handphone...

Somebody bought a new handphone...A Sony Ericsson K6189i made its debut in our office today.

I am not a handphone person so I cant write much about this subject. Neither did I make any research on handphones...But, the great thing about this phone is, it's 3G and it's only RM920 for AP (under water or sui for). It's not bad, really, in terms of appearance and features. I feel like buying one myself bt since I'm not rich and I need a camera, I shall refrain myself from making more than one extravagant purchases.

If you are looking for a new phone for the new year, u may consider this one. I wouldnt mind having this for my birthday ;p

Friday, December 29, 2006

PMR 9As?

Since when did PMR kids start getting 9 As? 9 subjects??? PMR level???

During my time, 7As was the max a non muslim can go (and 8 for muslims coz they have an additional religious subject). If you get 7As, its smthg to celebrate. But now, with 9As being the max that I heard of so far, 7As seems like nothing.

SPM is even more frightening. The last that I heard of, a prodigy from somewhere scored 17As. That's crazy! Makes me wonder does she do anything else other than hitting the books? Which reminds me of a certain modern malay pantun. Smthg like, berkawan dengan buku, berkahwin dengan kejayaan. Yucks! So neeeerrddyyy....zzz. Sounds like smthg that the API students would think of. I think she adhered to that principle and yes, she married to success (literal translation to that poem).

When I was in Form 5, 9As is smthg enviable by all. Getting 10 is even better. It makes mothers boast to neighbors and proudly compare with some other aunties' sons/ daughters' results. We hardly heard of any 11As or 12 (except for a handful of them), let alone 17! But now, the value of As in public exams seems to have dropped drastically over the past 5 years. Top students are like roaches, you hear about them everywhere.

But then again, can we really blame the education system? Yes and no. Our system is (this may sound cliche but its the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth) very exam oriented. I remembered having to study like a phychotic kiasu (coz I cant remember things well) weeks before any major exams because I know, if I dont pass, I'm gonna get the boot from any form of education. Form 6 was not an option for me- it was compulsory! It was either I do or die. I passed that. Gaining admission into a local uni was also not an option coz that was the only way I had. (Parents not rich enough to send me to private unis/colleges, not even TARC!). So the path that I took, the way that was carved for me was very much, exam oriented. Success measured by the number of As we get.

In University, it was a biiiiiiiiiitttt different only, with the addition of assignments on top of exams. But those one time papars were still the determinators of our future- you proceed or re-sit. I personally hate exams a lot. If I were given a choice I'd rather do assignments, though the former is easier to score. I guess scoring has been an integral part in our education system that it has somewhat built a stubborn mindset that the main goal of studying is to score more marks for ourselves. And we could take the easiest (though may not be the best and effective) way to acheive this goal. I find this whole thing about scoring, scoring and more scoring nonsensical and rubbish! **this is my personal view only**. The things that I remember the most from my uni years were those that I had personally done my research on and presented in my assignments. Nil from my book cover-to-cover revision for exams (or rather, page-by-page lecture notes).

Now having completed my education (normal education path, ie kindy, primary, secondary school, pre-U, degree) I can advice the younger ones with one thing:

UPSR: ah, you'll still go to Form 1 anyway. Doesnt affect ur future in any way at all.
PMR: Do well enough to get to science stream (if you wish so).
SPM: Unless you are eyeing a scholarship, getting 2As or 10 doesnt make any difference coz you're going Form 6 anyway. If you wanna go college, then all the more you dont have to be borthered with results.
STPM: This is the only exam that matters. It determines whether you get to chase your dreams or not. Solely for the purpose of admission into your choiced university and pursueing your choiced course. Still doesnt determine your success in uni.

So wat's the point of my writing today anyway? Im not asking u all to not to study or not to score. Do your best but have fun too. Success is more than books, papers and A s.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Movie that I watched last night

It's a deep mandarin movie called "The Banquet" (Yes, I do watch Chinese movies, but selected ones only). It's got an extravagant courtyard setting as the backdrop, beautifully crafted mandarin and not to mention, a list of top-notch actors and actresses.

Overall, the movie started pretty fine, very artistic and I appreciate the 'slowness' of the plot. Everything seems so arty to me, from the way they speak, to the way they move and the way the story goes. It's like one of those award winning movies, where motion is more important than entertainment value. (Yeah, got it? THAT type, slow and seemingly meaningless). And then the movie reached the climax which, wasnt very exciting coz there isnt a distinct line that separares the climax and other scenes. And the climax itself wasnt even reaching the expected peak coz, like its starting, everyting is slow. The ending was just as disappointing. The director had put in too much artistic feel to the movie that his audience, especially ones like me would fail to capture the essence of the story. It appears to me as though the director/scriptwriter didnt know how to end the story thus created some lame ending to it.

The cast now. I was really, really, really surprised to see and hear Daniel Wu speaking fluent Mandarin. And all this while I thought he's an American who cant speak a word of canto to save his life! Respect, respect...

Do watch this movie if you have time. For me, I enjoyed Hero more but this is still a goood artistic movie. I hope "The Curse of the Golden Flower" would rival this movie. Which I guess I'll be watching only if i suddenly find the DVD stashed somewhere in my apartment like "The Banquet"...

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Office ramblings

I just discovered this.

My new boss, FK shares the same birthdate with me. Except that he's 26 years older than I am =)


Good things happen to those who love the Lord. True it is.

I thought I would be broke this week coz I've spent a lot for Christmas. But guess what? I received my claim for last month's medical bill a minute ago and now I have enough now to survive till the end of the month. =)

For the first time

...I got to drive on a road trip during office hour, for office business.

Went to Phileo Damansara to collect some documents with two of my colleagues. And I was given the honor to drive the company's kembara. Not that it is a great car to be excited about in the first place, but rather, the fact that it is NOT my car and I get to drive it DURING office hours is just great. I love escapes from mundane office life.

And best of all, I get to take on the rough, pothole-d road along Bulatan Sec 16 without feeling any guilt and worry of the damaged that could be caused to my car. =)

This blog is not for trouble makers

If you have too much free time and enjoy insulting yourself, go ahead.

Your comments will be deleted.

This blog was never meant to be a place for trouble makers to put their thoughts in. Was never meant to be a place to pick a fight. And more so, was never meant to be a place for bitter arguments and conveying ugly messages and vulgarities.

This blog was started for only 1 sole purpose- as a place for me to write my thoughts and my happenings. As a record of things happened and is happening. A series of ideas i have in mind which i want to write before I forget. And a journal of my ups and downs so that i can ponder at the end of it all. And the reason I put this online is to share it with my friends and loved ones.

But this place has since been invaded by some unscroupulous cowards, whose intentions are not good for sure. I am considering moving this blog to another place. I am truly disapponted that this blog has gone unappreciated and has been a subject of insult and riducule by some people. Perhaps, if you dont appreciate my writings, I would be happier if you didnt know about this blog in the first place.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas and the month of December

I’ve never not thankful that I am not born KL-ite coz at holiday seasons like this, it’s just so good to have a home somewhere out of state to return to for a holiday. It brings out the sweet nostalgic feeling of being home once again, after being away for so long.

This Christmas, I wanna make a list of things that I am thankful for and things that I enjoy before, during and after Christmas:

I enjoyed the trip back home by bus. Although I almost missed the bus- I was late by almost 10 minutes, I am glad that the bus was late too.

I enjoyed the company and mini- celebrations that I had with my friends. The lobster dinner with Ee Lee and Lenny was good, although it could have been better with Sam who couldn’t make it due to the ongoing flood in Melaka then. I love the LF Christmas party at Pheng’s the week before Christmas, where the carolers came and almost finish up our food. I enjoyed the preparation for the party, especially the scouting for the best chicken to serve on that evening. And yes, the gift exchange that we had too.

I was happy to be able to meet up with Sharon’s LF (my former LF) before Christmas to celebrate Chui Kam’s and Lai Cheng’s birthday. And we took the opportunity to have a gift exchange as well.

My company did not forget that Christmas is a time to celebrate. The right wing of my floor (Contracts, Technical, Purchasing, PPE) organized a little Christmas lunch and goft exchange in conjuction with, well, Christmas. Yeap, this is the one that I wrote about a few entries ago. Although the gifts that we got were rather silly, it is still good coz every one had a good laugh at the gifts.

For the first time in many years, I joined the caroling team. Not in church this time, but my company caroling. I am a lousy singer, no denial in it. But it was worth the effort, walking around the company, performing from floor to floor and distributing candies to all who were present. By the end of it, everyone was tired but we had a great time doing it. And best of all, I got to know more people from other parts of the company. =)

I also enjoyed the last minute shopping for gifts and stuff for myself although I tire myself at the end of the day. And the look at the recipients’ faces when they unwrap the present and saw that the gift was good…Priceless.

I also appreciate the Christmas sermon given about the Nativity. The message had opened my mind to see the story of the events surrounding the birth of Jesus which I had not noticed before although I thought I knew that story very well.

I am glad to have a safe journey home although it took me the whole day just to get to my apartment at Damansara. (6.5 hours in total- I could go to Johore and back!)

I appreciate the gifts that i received this year. Some may be lame but im still happy to have received them. Of course I am happier for the good gifts that I got.l =)

But most of all I am thankful to God for sending Jesus on Christmas day, not so much so that we have smthg to celebrate, but for our redemption on the cross 33 years after the first Christmas day. Truly He is worth our adoration and worship. This is the true meaning of Christmas and knowing this makes Christmas even more meaningful than the snow, santa and gifts.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Year End Blues

My boss is behaving weird these days. He still comes to office, still does his work and still has mood swings- only thing is it swings more to the bright side.

He knows that most of us aint got anything to do and were msn-ing all day but he didnt take any action against us. Maybe not yet, or maybe he'll do smthg subtle. But at this moment, we are still safe.

And he likes to pop-quiz us on trivia stuff like weight of bricks, density of steel, etc etc. Not that it is not important for us to know, but who gives a damn about these info?? We are only measureres and estimators, not engineers! But wat he said does make sense lah. It's just for knowledge and if you were to become a manager, how can you not know such basic things about construction materials? The time will come when all of us will reach a point where decision making is part of our jobscope and without such knowledge, it is difficult for us to make sound judgement confidently.

Whatever it is, I guess my boss has caught the year end blues, just like all of us.

Somebody got a new car...

After almost 3 weeks of waiting, the new car is finally ready for collection. Not my new car, silly, i just bought one a few months ago, remember? It's Joshua's new baby, a Proton Gen-2 1.6 CamPro Hi-line (or whatever order the name is la) which costs about RM52K i think. And I have the honour to be the first person to ride in the car (because I sent him to the collection centre!!)...

Well, the Gen-2 looks pretty good from outside, and the interior is also not too bad. At least it looks more 'expensive' than my iswara. But a proton is still a proton, and some parts still look very localised (meaning: cheap plastic and not so classily built). The gear was one, the honk seems flimsy, the steering wheel is very 'plastic' and the seat frame was... also plastic. In a nutshell, the Proton Gen-2 is like a Mat Salleh mix with Malay- having features from both worlds and you cant tell if its more Malay or more European.

But the up side of it is, its got a good engine (1.6 Cam Pro and very much improved from the first generation of proton's adopted lotus cam-pro) and safety features. I wouldnt mind buying one if not for the price tag because it comes with this captor system- a system that will capture any 'forced' movement of the car (as in the case of being broken into or towed away involuntarily) and notify the owner (and other authorised person) of such activity on the vehicle.

For more reliable information on the specification and features of the Gen-2, click here.

Back to Joshua's car (not Gen-2 in general), well, it's Vigor Red in color (a type of red which looks somewhere between maroon and orange) and has leather seats. It's nice now but I kinda have the feeling that it will not remain neat and tidy for long...

Will put up a photo of it soon. Im sure this Christmas is going to be a great one for him. And for all of us too coz, we'll have free rides in a brand new Gen-2!!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Handicapped without canto

I know all too well that I will get a lot of 'you should learn cantonese' from all of you. Hey, it's not that I've not learnt, it's just that I tried and still cannot! So canto and I are not one. We just cannot work together despite the efforts that I put in to learn it over the years.

In my line, I guess knowing the dialect would definitely be of greater advantage. That's because of several rather obvious reasons:
1) the place is KL- and most chinese in KL converse in canto like their first language
2) I deal with sub-contractors. We're talking about CONTRACTORS, those rough and tough men who hardly complete high school but has worked their sweat out to feed themselves from young. They are the ones who do all the physical work. In Hokkien we'd call them 'cho-lo' men.
3) simply because I'm Chinese and I am expected to know at least one dialect.

Yes I admit that I feel intimidated and inadequate sometimes when it comes to having to speak to those sub-cons who dont speak English. And I refuse to use Bahasa cz its just weird to see two Chinese speaking in that language. It's not wrong but it just doesnt seem right.

But my late maternal grandfather used to speak Bahasa to my father coz the former was from Hakka descent while the latter was Hokkien. Maybe an exception to that la, they were not from my generation. It's like I dont expect my tin mine supervisor grandfather to know English right?

Anyway, back to the sub-con issue, I feel like crap everytime I speak English to them and they reply me in canto. I understand wat they said but I am just cant pronounce it right. Without the knowledge of any Chinese dialect, I cant be close to any old sub-cons, and there just isnt any working chemistry because I will not be deemed as a pure Chinese by them anyway. OK lah, some can be quite forgiving (or maybe I've not seen the other side of them) but I still would be happier and more satisfied if I had known at least canto. In simpler terms, i've got to speak their language to get into the click. And by being in the click, there's bound to be more favor over the rest, which definitely would work well for me in my career.

I know I've got to learn but, I am just too afraid to make mistakes and being laughed at for speaking silly words. I've had enough of those when I was growing up, to the point of actually being quite traumatised to even open my mouth to practise! I never made fun of anybody's English, but why am I not being treated the same way? I cannot take such humiliation then and even more so now. Maybe Im just ego.

Anyway, I really, really hope to be able to master canto in the future. Live is difficult being a banana.

Warning to all- dangerous software

This is a warning to all. Something evil has been unleashed into our air waves and will soon be spreading around like hot gossips. It is unstopable, and untamable. It's smooth and sly, and you cannot sniff anything nasty from it.

Be aware of a certain website tht allows its members to send out sms to anyone using other people's number. As long as the user has got other people's number, he can use it to spam sms anyone he wants. Tell me it is not dangerous?

So if you receive any weird and seemingly unbelonging sms from your friends, think twice before replying. It could be a spam from this website.

I hope somebody could stop the spreading of this wicked website. It will not be long before it becomes accessible to many and render SMSes unreliable anymore.

Official transfer...

I was given the transfer letter this morning. I am officially going to the Troika project on the 1st of January 2007 and will be working there for as long as God knows. Maybe 3 years, maybe less. Could be more. I dont know. But I am not gonna let go this opportunity to learn and establish myself in the field...

So KL, here I come!

Monday, December 18, 2006

My last non-working saturday

Did I mention here that i will be posted to a new project site at KLCC soon? I thk I didnt. Anyway, I've yet to receive the transfer letter but my immediate boss had sort of announced it publicly to all during our monthly department meeting...

So last weekend would be my last non-working Saturday for the next few years. Next year onwards I will be working 6 full days with only 10 public holidays to spare. Well, that is the downside of working at site. Bt anyway, I am still looking forward for this new assignment...

Since I will not have the luxury of sleeping till late on a Saturday and having a full day to shop, I thought it would be great to wake up a little later than usual last Saturday and perhaps go to 1U to shop for Christmas in the afternoon, and spend the evening with my colleagus (earlier planned so dont want to fongfeikei). But it didnt go as I wished. But it wasnt that bad either.

I feel a little lazy to elaborate much about my weekend except that it was packed with chores and outings with friends. In the end, I slept late almost every night from friday onwards. More tired than before the weekend arrived. But I feel good and appreciated every activity that I did over the weekend...

Oh yes, 1 last thing:

Rama 9 at KLCC food court is not bad. Do try it. =)

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Christmas is approaching soon

It is time to press that striking red panic button!

Today is **glance at calender** 14th December- 11 days before Christmas. And I have not gotten a thing for anyone and myself!

I have a list of people whom I plan to give out gifts to this year. Regardless of whether they will return the favor or not, I still will bless them with smthg simply because I want to and now that I am working, I should spend a bit more for the people i love. Plus, it's year end, high time to be merry and pamper myself all I want!

The past few days had been tiring for me, because of work and also because of all the evening browsing at nearby malls to scout for ideal gifts for friends. And yea, for myself too- I havnt shopped for clothes for months! Christmas is a good reason to buy new clothes without feeling guilty for messing with my monthly budget. Speaking about budget, I deliberately leave out budgeting for this month to allow myself to spend as needed and trust God to take me through the month. After all, I am not being selfish with my money, I am buying for people more than for myself! Perhaps this is a good training ground for me to trust God for my finances and learn not to be too hard up with my cash.

Anyway, my hunting trips had not been very fruitful. I got nothing for anyone, and nil for myself. I must get smthg by this week, or else i would have to resort to mass-buying of the same item- like chocolates. Sad, right? I like to personalise my gifts- chocolates are just so conventional...=(

Till then, I will have to walk the malls every night till smthg comes along...Oh yes, i forgot to mention that I saw a pretty nice top at Ikano, gonna check it out tonight. That is for myself ;p

This year's Christmas will be celebrated at home. The one in Taiping, I mean. Yes, I am going home and Christmas is going to be just like how it was celebrated in the previous years...

So, to make it a lil different, I might want to cook smthg for dinner. But that also must depend on whether mum will let me use her kitchen or not. I dont have any specialty (yet!!) but curry seems to be the best bet for me if I were to do a cookout and impress people ;p

I feel like making popiah too...=)

Shopping blues

Apart from the dilemma of choosing the right stuff for the right people for Christmas, there is this persisting problem that borthers me all year long. Yaah, wat else could it be but the agony of having to try out so many nice pants only to find that they dont suit me that well?

I have a weird body, this I've got to admit. Long legs, big waistline and small butt, how easy can it get when it comes to buying a decent and flattering pair of pants (and jeans)? Except for expensive brands like Topshop and the like, it is almost impossible to find smthg that fits me like it should minus the alarming cashflow out of my pocket. I so wish that I could fit into Padini or Seed...sigh. Also, I am fussy when it comes to clothes. Not every style suits me, and vice versa. This is the main cause for my empty handed shopping trips all these while.

So, if I do find smthg tht fits me and is well with my budget (as long as it doesnt burst it to bits) I wouldnt give a second thought of buying it. And I would even consider buying two of the same items (with different colors of course) if I really like it!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The battle of cartoon charactors

I heard this on the radio:

Scooby Doo and friends will be bringing Christmas cheer to Ikano. And a few kilometres away, Mickey Mouse and gang will be spreading Yuletide joy to the folks at 1Utama. Downtown KL is not missing anything because Sungai Wang has decided to ship in the Power Rangers this season. Kids these days are so spoilt!

But then again, these cartoon charactors are from my childhood era, circa mid 80s- early 90s. I begin to wonder who are they aiming- the kids or my generation??

I do hope to see Transformers at Midvalley and perhaps Shrek in KLCC??

Friday, December 08, 2006

You've got to make your stand!

If you want something, you must make it known to the person involved. And if you dont want people to put you in donkey positions, you've got to put your foot down and make your stand.

I dont care about office politics and I dont give a damn on watever 'you are a scholar' or 'you are a junior' attitude. I will make my stand and will not allow myself to be pushed aside anymore. I am tired and jaded of all this nonsense. I will determine what I want to learn and nobody can try to stop me. I am a QS, not a clerk.

I will survive.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Wind of change

Weather forecast:

There's gonna be a wind of change come January 2007. Cant say much yet except that this wind is going to blow toward KL.

Update further in the next few weeks.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

I should do this:

I thk I should dress up a little bit more to work.

I dont put make up and I hardly wear skirt to work. I think I can count the number of times I wear skirt to office with 1 hand- somewhere within the range of 3-5 times. And I have been working for more than 8 months now!

Personanality-wise, I am not the skirt or the dressy type. I dont mind wearing those skirts or dresses, I just dont FEEL like wearing one. And I hv thousands of excuses to avoid wearing those. Like, my work requires a lot of moving around the office, of which a skirt would impede my freedom of movement and slow me down tremendously. And then there is the excuse that I dont have nice leg skin which is actually quite true...And then again, I have to work late, I dont want to attract guys, etc etc...I can think of lots more, trust me.

But truth be told is, I am just NOT the feminine feminine type of gal- and I am in the construction line, mind you. I like to look good but I am just lazy to wear skirt and put in the extra effort to move a little more femininely. And make up- its such a troublesome thing when I work late and all I want to do when I reach home is bathe and sleep.

I am not perasan lah, but I got to admit that I look good in skirt and dress. OK, fact is, every gal looks good in skirts lah. The hottest gal in office is hot because she wears skirts and puts make up everyday. In my personal view, i think she wouldn't look that great without all the fancy clothes and facial plastering. Not kutuking here, never meant to; I'm merely expressing my thoughts. And certainly no malice toward her. She's a nice person btw. But her job memang lah can wear all those fancy office clothes- she's not in the technical line and doesnt need to make big movements like me (eg flipping and sorting A1 drawings, measuring huge areas on A1 papers, literally running around the office to get work done faster, etc etc)

Maybe I should make it a new year resolution huh? But...ish...But then again...Haih. I also dont know la. The battle rages between style and laziness. I have a month to decide which side wins.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The return of a nobleman

I saw this interesting documentary about the exhumation of the long-gone Ngah Ibrahim, the Menteri Besar of Larut in the 1800s. Sorry, my history is quite poor but i still can remember some of those warriors against the penjajah-penjajah Inggeris in the various states in Malaya. Ngah Ibrahim's is not a very famous man in general history coz I dont recall seeing his name anywhere in my Sejarah books. The only Ngah Ibrahim that I heard of is from Kota Ngah Ibrahim, which is situated somewhere in Taiping. Which I've not been to although I grew up in Taiping.

Here is history re-visited.

Nah Ibrahim was one of those kampung fighters who were behind the murder of JWW Birch, the first English resident in Perak who had incurred the wrath of the locals for interfering with local customs and religion etc etc. In other words, tak ikut standard the people and the sultan then (Sultan Abdullah) wanted him out but he just wouldnt budge. Desparate, they took the law into their own hands and killed Birch one fine morning while he was bathing in the Pasir Salak River. It was a bloody bath indeed.

Anyway, the murderers were sentenced to death, Ngah Ibrahim, Laksamana Wan smthg smthg and Sultan Ibrahim were banished to Seychelles. Woohoo, what a wonderful island to be banished to. Beautiful beaches, fishing everyday, stress-free life....OKOK, back to where I got distracted. Few years later, Sultan Abdullah was allowed to return to Perak and he died there. The poor Ngah Ibrahim and Laksamana Wan were allowed to go to Singapore but not back to Perak. And...they died a silent death there. Wan's grave was found in a mass gravehole with 4 other people while Ngah's grave took an additional 2 years to find because it was located in a secondary jungle where people dont normally go. Such a sad ending for two high ranked officers.

To cut the story short, their bodies were exhumed and they were given a hero's homecoming procession from the navy base to their respective graveyards, one in KK and another at, well, Kota Ngah Ibrahim.

End of history lesson. This documentary caught my attention because I am from Perak and Ngah Ibrahim+gang are also from Perak. And all the stories of JWW Birch, Maharajalela etc etc always give me the back-to-the-past feeling. It's hard to describe that feeling but having grown up in a town where colonial buildings seem to be quite a common thing makes all the stories seem even more real. I'm proud of the heritage of Perak.

If I am super rich, perhaps I would buy one of those colonial bungalows in Taiping.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Career change?

A fren of mine, B was writing about her new found interest in make up and how she was contemplating quitting her job as a QS to pursue her dream job as a bridal make up artist. We gave her advice, etc etc and finally she decided to take 2 months unpaid leave to undergo the course and practise make up on a part-time basis and see what comes. If it works out, she might quit her job and jumps into the make up line. But if it doesnt, then, at least she had tried and will not die in regret and all the haunting thoughts if 'what-ifs' and 'i should have's.

I dont know what to say. Wise in a way- to start off part time and see what comes. But a little not-so-wise to waste her degree for a job that requires no degree at all. Maybe I'm just too realistic. Kill-joy. Anyway, I wish her all happiness and I have the feeling that she will make it. If there is one person in this world who has all the luck, she's the one... (i never meant to imply or apply that she's got no substance, she's a dean's list student, mind you).

Which leads me to the thought. Should I also do smthg tht I like? But I wouldnt say that I have a 'dying passion' for anything at all. I like a lot of stuff- sports, music, theatre, cooking and a little bit of dance (for fitness) as well as writing. But I wouldnt go as far as to enrol myself in any course or even quitting my job for my interest. I do have plans to leave the profession in the future but that would take place probably in the next 5 years time or later. Got to iron out some issues and strategies first before making that giant leap...

Anyway, back to passions and interest and working for what i like and not for money and all that whole issue. I thk the main problem with me is not my indecisiveness of what to do but rather, I cannot commit to what I want to do. My current job requires me to hv free time at night coz I wouldnt know when I have to stay till late to complete my work. And then there is this thing about relations with friends and family which, if I were to pursue a part time job I would have to sacrifice the only free time I have to catch up with them. I still meet up with my old school mates, uni mates, church mates and some new friends (not many tho) and I dont wish to see myself drifting away from my friends for some kind of part time job or class or whatever. Even if I dont meet up with anyone, I still would rather spend the quality time that I have with myself just to rest and do what I want, alone.

I think the only motivation for me to start picking up a new skill is just to meet new people. I always seek to expand my network. Get to know more people. I'm already a full-grown working adult, so I should build up my network of yuppies for more exposure to the world outside. Maybe that is the only motivation for me to take up a course. Ok, besides the hope that my interest would actually pay me thousands of ringgit (or other higher currency) for practising it. Which, in fact has a probability of 50% or less...

So, just for the fun of it, i think i would take up tennis (from whr i stopped a long time ago) which is achievable thanks to the Kelab Sukan and But i wont make a career out of any. If (IF) i were to jump, perhaps smthg like writing and events would be a better choice for me. On a fun note, i would like to try modelling (OK, I know I am NOT model material, face not pretty, body got fats here and there and I dont have tofu skin and Pantene hair) and DJ-ing (Yes, I also know that I am NOT DJ material either, I am not eloquent enough). That's why la I said 'on a fun note'. Just for fun.

So what do I do in the end? Just wait and see what God has in store for me.

Those sinful cravings again

I am craving for sin again. Sin is always so tempting, and falling into sin makes me feel guilty. But I my flesh is week, and many times I allow myself to indulge in those evil cravings that is not good for me.

I am talking about food and the lastest cravings that I have are for Secret Recipe's cheesecakes and something with alcohol in it. Be it pudding, chocolate or ice-cream, alcohol-contained food is always good to the tongue, tho may or may not be the same for the body.

I saw this chocolate in The Cocoa Tree in 1u- Cadbury Rum and Raisin. Contains 1% rum. Ayuh, so tempting! Feel like just having a binge in front of the tv now with both my feet rested on the pouff and think about nothing except the chocolate, tv and myself!

Will buy tht home for Christmas. =)

Christmas soon...

You can see it, hear it and feel it everywhere..It's Christmas season again!

I love Christmas- both the celebration and the meaning behind Christmas. But I'm only gonna touch on the former now and will blog about the latter on a later date, sometime near Christmas, perhaps.

December is always the month to shop for new stuff. Oh, January and February too, depending on when Chinese New Year falls. Anyway, this time around, I'll make it a point to get everyone dear to me a gift for Christmas, regardless of the prospect that they may not return the favor. The list is still short, but in due time it will populate, I am sure.

Choosing a gift for people is easy but choosing for loved ones is NOT. At all. I'm looking at their material needs and have done some studies for two persons so far. For the rest, I have strategize on how to discover their needs (or wants) and if I can afford it, why not. It would be great.

So this whole month, I will be doing a lot of walking in the mall to hunt for gifts and clothes! I have not shopped for any apparels for myself for such a long time. This is the best time to pamper myself and shop without feeling guilty about it! After all, Christmas comes only once a year...