Thursday, November 02, 2006

To go or not to go?

I'm in a dilemma. Maybe not anymore, but it's still smthg that borthers me.

The last time my boss called me and broke the news that he had intentions to station me in one of the project sites, I was still a first-time trainee, and wasnt productive in the head office. That was 2.5 years ago.

Just a few minutes ago, my boss, the very same person, called me into his room to ask me the same question, this time with a little twist. At least, I was given a choice, unlike last time. I cant desipher his actions, not too sure if it was a good thing or the opposite.

I told him about how i feel about my work and what i want to acheive here. Yes, i would like to work at sites, so much of freedom and I get to move about more freely and frequently. So much more to see, much more to learn hands-on. But really, if this is meant to be, why didnt the he send me there when I first started, when I actually asked to be posted to site instead of staying in this office full of politics and distrust?

I dont want to learn anything half past six. Personally, I havent mastered all the pre-contracts work here. There is so much more that I've not learnt actually. Costing. Sub-contract evaluation. More. I want to reach the level where I will be able to lead a team to prepare for tender submissions. That level of capability. Not talking about position, E1 or E2. Not talking about salary. It is the knowledge and experience that I am eyeing for.

But good thing my boss didnt insist or force me. He still gave me a choice. I would go someday, but the day is not too soon. When the older staffs leave, then I will grow. When the time is right, when I've riped, I'll gladly offer myself to transfer to another base, the greener pasture, that is, project sites...That's my plan.

Anyway, I cant leave now also because of the responsibilities that i shoulder in the kelab sukan. Not that I am THAT important, i just have some..well, responsibilities to handle. I like doing the stuff that I do in the club actually. Fertile ground for growth in a wholly different aspect other than my mundane work. Dealing with different people. Organising events and planning activities. All these contribute to my personal development and I enjoy it a lot.

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s1nn3r said...

Better for you to stay in de office at the moment... but God got special plan for each one, just pray till the answer comes