Monday, November 20, 2006

Stress Let-out

I made another discovery of myself.

I get angry when I am stressed. No, more like I easily get angry when I am stressed. And when I am angry, I am not pleasant. Especially if my stress is caused by people- I will be even more agitated if I am bugged when I am heating up inside. Max level of stress-resulted anger: I will either scream (if circumstances allow) or throw things.

I think I need to learn to control my anger and also, handle my new level of work stress. Guitar doenst seem to calm me down as effective as how it used to back in my student days. Or maybe I didnt try.

I should. And I should learn to relax and take work out of my mind when I am not working. Fumigation has no return.


joshua said...

relax. men dont like angry women. think 'tsunami' woman. =)

poor 'tsunami' woman who couldnt manage her anger has to live her life all alone... with no one wanting to marry her.

tina said...

i have absolutely no pity on her.
maybe i shouldnt be angry with her also childish and un-classy..