Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Picking up the guitar again after a long time

It's been such a loooong time since I last played a decent song with my guitar. I think it was my 3rd year thesis tht kept me so busy that I hardly have time to play the guitar. Thinking of it, it was kinda amazing that I didnt need the guitar to de-stress. Hmm....

My guitar is still in good condition, save for the rusty strings.

Super karat

Playing it again is difficult. Painful to my fingertips. The callous that was half-formed two years back are totally gone, so I have to start all over again to cultivate them back.

I remember the days when the callous was peeling off from my fingertips- I could actually pull a thread out of a cloth by just touching it!

I'm currently trying out a song which I like very much. Enough by Jeremy Camp. I wish I can post up a video here but number 1, I'm not that good yet and number 2, I cant sing to save myself. (My ex-housemates can attest to that). Sigh.

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