Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Learning to be tough

You got to be tough to decline people who has no right to participate in an activity simply because they are not a registered member of the club. This is exactly what I have to learn as an organising committee for the sports club.

Well, that's what I am SUPPOSED, but not what I WANT to.

Being the working committee opened my eyes to see lots of people who are much, much poorer and in need than I am. And I find myself struggling to deny them to the free tickets in the sports club coming movie outing (of which I am the organisor). Staffs who are drivers, despatch personnels and maintenance guy. For me, a free RM10 movie ticket is nothing, because I know that I can afford and I am single so watching a movie may mean that I only pay for myself. But for these people who dont earn much and have a family to support, the free tickets mean a lot to them. It's probably gonna be one of the very few times that they would actually bring their families to the cinema to catch a movie together. Denying them the tickets would not only cause them to miss the movie but more importantly, they will lose another memorable moment with their families. It's all about the quality time together, not the movie. For that I am willing to let go my ticket if there is a need to, which I almost did but didnt have to after some people pulled out from the registration.

I begin to wonder now...Am I too soft? Should I toughen and give them a 'no' wit a poker face and brush it all aside right after that? But i know that this is not me. I am not that straight a rejector. In fact, I am lousy in rejecting and denying people. Unless they really piss me off lar.

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