Saturday, November 25, 2006

Gotong-Royong @ Lembah Subang

Lembah Subang is such a difficult place to get to that we almost took the wrong tunnel and got lost into no where. Anyway, we found the place and boy, it was massive!

Before I proceed, let me give a little introduction on the project as well as the place. Lembah Subang Flats is a low cost area for the poor. I dont know much about their background but from what I heard, the place serves as transitional homes to many who are still waiting for their low cost homes to be ready,which I dont know where and when. Some of the residents there are from the now demolished Kampung Damansara Dalam (KDD).

One of the few blocks at Lembah Subang Flats. Outwardly the place seems fine.

The corridors

Stinky drains. Please forget the image after viewing this.

That's basically how the place is like.

We invited SS2 MP Chew Mei Fun to grace the opening ceremony.

One for the album

Even Mike Pilavachi, our speaker from Soul Survivor Church in Watford, England was there too!

But the other younger guys who came with him went to KAWAN instead.

Anyway, to cut the story short, we had a great time cleaning the place. I was in one of the teams that was assigned to paint one of the blocks.

Joshua (in blue shirt) led our painting team together with one of the block supervisors.

Painting in Progress.

After the whole painting and gotong royong thing, we took a break and continued on with a mini carnival in the afternoon. The main activity was the futsal tournament, which was co-organised by Sports Planet.

Futsal for the boys

As for the rest who dont play futsal, we had booths for nail art, henna, tattoo, medical booth, as well as to distribute freebies. I heard it was such a hit among the people there that they actually caused a mini riot. I can imagine that. Freebies, who dont want?

The nail art, henna and tattoo were so popular that even boys queue for it.

Diana doing her thing. She's so good at it that if she were to open up a stall, she'll make lots of money out of it, believe me.

Julia the master of henna art. I was supposed to help her but I cant draw to save my life!

I always knew that Dom can attract girls! That little girl just didnt want to leave him alone!

Pheng teaching Meera how to handle the blood pressure device. I hope the makcik will get the right reading! ;p

At the end of the day, this is the best shot one can ever get:

The Ice-cream Singh!

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