Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Freaky thing about Proton

Proton cars are freaky. And it's freakingly easy to unlock and steal the car. Its freakingly easy to start the engine without the key as well as to de-activate the alarm. And I learnt it all today at the carpark near my office where I always leave my black baby for work and picks him up only after office hours.

A mechanic/installer of a certain door security device from Proton sort of 'caught' me and told me about all the security problems with the car. He even demonstrated the methods used by potential thieves to break into the car, de-alarm the system and start up the engine. And it was so easy he even made me do it myself! Meaning here, you dont hv to be a pro thief to break into a Proton car, even a girl can go it!

So my dilemma now is, should i buy his product for RM 388?? Its a small sum to pay for security- after all, what is that cash compared to losing Rm35k? I lost a car to theft before, so I know that the threat is very real.

I think if there's one word to describe proton it would be tht F word. Why should I pay for the mistakes of Proton? Why? Basically it's all proton's carelessness in making their cars so why must we the end users suffer the consequences? They should have installed the device much earlier, even during production. Proton have proven themselves to be idiots over and over again.

But now the question is: Should I buy??

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