Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Everything wrong happens when you are rushing

I left home a lil late today. At 7.50am, I was rushing like mad to work coz i know that the highway is gonna be jammed and i wont be on time for work.

So i told myself that i NEED and HAVE to speed and cut queues.

But it didnt turn out well for my plan. First, at the "at-least-6-mins-long-wait" traffic light, i found myself getting angry because the car in front of mine didnt want to budge when the lights turned red. (no type here, it was red all right). You see, for this traffic light, if you come from my direction, you'll have to go when it's green, yellow, red, as well as when the traffic lights meant for the cars on your right go green, yellow and at the brim of red. The only time you stop is when the opposite direction started moving. It's breaking the law, i know but the wait for the next turn will be another agonising 6 mins. It's an unwritten rule and a common understanding among us frequent users of that traffic light. That's why i was angry that that guy didnt budge.

But legally, he was not wrong. And I shouldnt be angry with somebody who obeys the law. But heck, I was late! And I'm sure a whole lot of other cars behind me would appreciate if that Atos moved.

And then, after i made the turn at that traffic light, again i was slowed down by a few selow cars. Wat? Both slow and fast lanes were occupied by sclow vehicles. In my heart I was screaming.

What next? At the highway. Both directions (I have to make a U somewhere). At the shorter stretch (before the U), i was again slowed down by slow vehicles. A tow truck on the left and a slow pick up truck in front of me. What more could I ask for?

After the U, i was glad that the road was clear. I could breathe in relief. But a little hitch in the middle- a three car accident. On the right lane. But like I said, it was only a hitch.

After thw whole highway thing, I breezed through until ss2. A bus came out from a corner and I wished it never appeared! It was huge and slow. The giant took up almost 25% of my road, so I cant overtake. As if that wasnt enuff, the very same bus attempted to cut double turn at the traffic light, which again delayed my journey. All the other cars before me had to stop to let the bus turn coz nobody wants to have their car towed away by the bus.

Because of this, I missed the green light.

The final glitch was at the Jalan Templer/Federal Interchange traffic lights. This time, no bus but it was a motorbike that caused me to miss my right to move.

What a drive. I was late for work, why am i not surprised...sigh

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