Monday, November 06, 2006

Cant wait for James Bond!

I never planned to catch this movie. I've always liked sleuth movies and I admire the way James Bond execute his missions full of perils and adventure. Not to mention the beautiful ladies and sceneries in every Bond installation. But somehow I just wasnt motivated to watch the movie in the cinema. Heck, I dont even remember what was the last Bond about!

But since I was forced to research on Casino Royale for my company movie outing, I sort of grew to like Bond. In fact, I cant wait to watch the movie! Daniel Craig is a great Bond, despite his not so Bond-like looks unlike his predecessors...

Yes, I admit he's hot. Great bod with style. He runs with style. Walks with style. Shoots with style, talks with style. Only thing is his kisses not so sexy lah...But anyway, he's still hot and the scene where he walks out from the water with only his swimming trunks on was...breath-taking..yea...**drool drool**. Kidding la people, I'm not that ham sap ok! Here's an interesting quote from DJ Shazmin of the MixFM Breakfast show:

"Daniel Craig has done for us what Halle Berry did for you guys in the previous Bond".

I couldnt agree more to that.

Somehow he looks a bit like the young Sean Connery.

Daniel Craig (L), Sean Connery (R). Like father and son eh?

Here smthg for those of you who haven't seen the trailer. I like the scenes where he walked out of the water (of course, hehe) and the fighting on the cranes...

**Copyright reserved** Enjoy! I still like their theme song, classic...

Will review the movie after the screening.


Reel Fanatic said...

I"m definitely psyched for this new Bond, and I can't believe that Daniel Craig has been getting so much hate from fans .. I think he's going to do just fine, way better than Brosnan or Dalton

s1nn3r said...

Bond story all the same, Bond drive a few xpensive car, f*ck a few chicks, kill a few bad guy, usse some imaginative tools and end of story..

but of coz the best part is the Chick part.. Halle Berry ,,l,, .. nah she is black.. :P

Anonymous said...

DAniel Craig looks more suitable to be in a dumb ass commando-soldier type movie than to be the suave James Bond. What with his oversized bulk and stupid haircut, he makes a lousy Bond. The most important thing bout Bond has to be the outer image he potrays.

Hey SINNER! what the heck you have against black chics?? hah?

Pierce Brosnan still gets my vote

s1nn3r said...

welll.. u cant differenciatre between her black n*pples & breast.