Thursday, November 02, 2006

Being sick

I hate to be sick. Extremely hate it.

Last night was terrible for me. Has a serious heardache which felt like there was a stone embedded in my brain. And i had digestion problem which led to the lost of appetite. On top of that my sinus seems to be getting worst and I couldnt eat properly because I had to breath with my mouth instead of my nose. I thought i was going to die...

But the doctor said otherwise. Suspected mild gastric, so he gave me some gastric medication. And some painkillers. Nothing for the headache (maybe the painkillers..?) and absolutely ignored the breathing problem. Sigh.

The even sadder part is, I have to abstain from spicy food for the next few days...=(

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s1nn3r said...

sex can cure a lotta sickness espiacally headache.. just my 2cents