Monday, November 13, 2006

All in a day's work

Today has been a very hectic day for me.

First, I had to call up a sub-contractor who happens to be a Jap. We talked for a good 3 minutes or so, but the only thing that I caught was "I will look through it. Give me time to think" and the word "material" which I didnt understand what's with the material that he was talking about. Shucks. Japs are weird.

Budget review. What the..?? Have to scrutinize every bit of it, both pre-contract and construction cost. So tiring. I need to walk to move my brain.

And then have to worry about this tender software pulak. Have to scan the documents, and teach the boys how to use the software. I decided to do it much later, probably on wednesday or thursday. Budget calls for urgency.

Later on, there will be friendly futsal match with I dont-know-whom. Cant wait for it but i feel kinda apprehensive, dont know what to expect. Will the Power-turf United thrive? we'll see then. Oh ya, tht's my futsal team name btw. Should have suggested Goal Gunners instead. Or maybe Arsenic United. =)

I feel stressed out la...Like a hulk being released from inside of me...

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