Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Urgent work comes in a batch

I believe that. So suddenly I was asked to do so another evaluation report AND some major measurement for this new project in JB. It's a MAS Flying College btw, and the client has expressed his intentions to award the project to us. So, here I am, doing some measurement for a rough cost estimation of the whole project. And my senses told me that this has to be done FAST.

I was reminded of my very first project. Like this Mas thingie, my first project was also a one-of-a-kind building. Ironically, both projects are in Johor and both do not have detailed design to work on. I certainly hope that I will not make the same mistakes again this time around.

As for the evaluation report, I have to find out where those extra few cents that the sub contractors priced in their tender come from and why did they overcharge us. Somewhat, their quoted prices and their worked out rates just dont tally. Something must be missing somewhere...And it's my duty to smell the rat and capture it at the neck. **squeezzzeee**

I think the next time somebody asks me what a QS is, i should just say it's 'half engineer, half accountant'..

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