Friday, October 13, 2006

Updates on the good and evil


The haze has subsided a little but the after effects on me is still pretty much unchanged for the better.

I have sinus. I think it runs in the family. And having the haze around certainly doesn't help. My nose is congested, and so is my throat. I feel suffocated, and mucus just keeps accumulating in my nostrils. Only in the office will it harden a little. But it isnt a good thing either- i can only smell if the scent is overwhelmingly strong.

Everyday i can feel my nose condition worsen. And every night i will rub my nose till it bleeds. Terrible experience for me.

I hate the haze and i wish it will just go away....and never to return again...Such evil..ish


Something good has just happened (despite the evil smog hovering around me like a mosquito flying through a mist of aerosol). Not sure how long this has been going coz i only noticed it a few days ago.

Hand up to all and cheer for the....Pelangi Burger Stall!! (the name was concocted by myself for easy referencing 8) ). Yes, it's back in business and I'm so happy! At least i will have somewhere to go for a quick midnight burger fix without the hassle of having to cook myself or drive out all the way to Section 17 for street burgers!

I hope the stall will stay. =)

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