Monday, October 16, 2006

Typical Hollywood and Hongkie-wood movies

I reached home at 3.00pm on Saturday after work. And I saw it at my TV bench.

A DVD player. And some DVDs on the coffee table.

Apparently it's given to us by my sister's fren who came down from penang, the land of quality affordable pirated dvds.

So being the curious cat i was, i just picked a dvd to watch. Options available were Miami Vice, World Trade Centre and Click. So i chose the first one =)

My words of advice to all below 18: watch only if you can take it. Contains explicit and very graphic sex scenes, just like any other Hollywood movies.

Come to think of it, ALL Hollywood movies MUST have at least 1 sex scene. Even stupidly lame movies like Snakes on the Plane also have an erotic scene. It has become some sort of standard template for movies from the West. I bet the creators of LOTR and Narnia would have incorporated some sex scenes if it the storylines weren't an adaptation of some deep literatures.
(Imagine Harry Potter with..???).

Perhaps one day, in the future, sex scenes would be common in kid's movies too...I hope that day won't come or it would be difficult to raise my kids, if I have any in the future.

But i must say that Gong Li was hot and Colin Farrel was not.

Hongkie-wood...My favorite genre from the hollywood of the East would be martial arts/action movies. I would like to refer to one specific movie that i watched a year ago. SPG, starring Samo Hung, Simon Yam and a few others whom I dont remember.

My advice for those below 18: Watch if if you can take it (duh, I cant ban you from watching, can i?). Contains very, very violent and bloody scenes than i had to watch Shrek to erase some memories of the brutal manslaughter. Gangster flick. A very typical one.

Ok, I exeggerated a bit. I didnt have to watch Shrek or anything else la after that. I slept without any nighmare.

For those who watched that particular movie from any pirated VCD/DVD (sorry, I'm guilty of that too), I'm sure you have seen all the slashing of heads and shooting of bodies... Disturbing, I tell you.

But then again, what is a Hongkie gansta flick without the mafia killings of undercover cops?

One side of the world is so full of 18SX, another side is 18SG. I would love to work for the censorship board one day. At least I wont run out of job =)

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Petrina said...

to be in censorship board, must be over 50 la. and not into sex and fast living etc. read it from the newspapers. so keep on waiting ya!