Friday, October 20, 2006

The reason is...

If you noticed this, I've posted 3 articles in one morning today! This would be the fourth. And more to come I assure you.

I'm bored. Simply. That's it.

So I'm gonna blog about why i started this blog. So please ignore me.

I was first introduced to the world of bloggin by a fren whom I met in uni, Petrina, who was an ardent blogger. Back then i used to read her blog, and from there I started developing some interest in blog-reading...Writing for me didnt really kick-off until much later, in my 2nd year perhaps.

My first blog was in Friendster. Why friendster? Because, i used to log into my friendster so it's convenient for me...(lazy person by nature). And then later on i thought of blogging on an independent server, so I started "My journey". I eventually got bored of it, didnt know how to spice up my blog and absolutely no time to spruce up the design. Student ma.......And then I reverted to Friendster again, got more canggih and then upgraded myself to blogspot (which is this blog) again. And the rest is history.

The purpose of this blog-is very selfish. Here it's all about me. I write what I want and what I think of any particular issue that I have in my head. It's like a record of anything at all -my walk with God, the food I tasted, the events in my life, outings with friends, about myself, my work, people around me, my feelings and opinions on totally neutral stuff (like entertainment, etc etc) as well as some of my utterly useless research and findings on useless topics. In short it's a place for me to expand my ideas and to gratify and satisfy my itching fingers.

Oh, it's also a good way to kill time. Like now.

A fren on mine, Joshua once told me this: "a blog should not be aimed for popularity or glamour. Do it for youself." Wise words.

So if this blog is boring you, or you dont appreciate the way I write, Im gonna write also anyway. Coz it's MY blog for myself =)

For those who read this blog religiously, thank you for your support =)

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