Friday, October 20, 2006

The only time I wish I didnt have to consume smthg

The tea lady is driving me nuts. I appreciate her effort in making coffee, tea and chinese tea for everyone twice a day but I just cannot take in any of her drinks anymore!

First, i hate coffee. So, obviously, I'm left with two choices- English and Chinese Tea.

Her English tea was so freaking sweet I'll die of diabetes if I work here for 10 years! For a day, it's fine, two days, still ok, a week a bit too much but still can tahan...after 3 months, I just couldn't swallow it anymore...So i switched to Chinese tea instead.

It was fine for the first few months, believe me.

I think it was the low quality tea that the company supplied for its staff...I started abstaining from her chinese tea as well when the haze started.

Like what i said in one of my older posts, the haze is making my throat really dry. Drinking that chinese tea aggrevates the whole problem and left me with a sudden sense of dehydration at my throat...Almost like i just blew dry tongue with a hair-dryer.

Oh, just to make this clear, I have nothing against the tea lady personally. She's a nice woman, except for her perpetual pesky persistance that you HAVE to drink her tea/coffee. She'll even wait for me to finish up in front of her before clearing the cups.

Talk about dedication and best employee...And for once, I'm glad to have the haze around so i can put the blame on that evil smog to decline her tea.

I am teruk. =)

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Anonymous said...

Oh..please..i tell u wat u should do..just tel her.."Miss Tea Lady, since the 1st day i had been here..i had found tat your English tea is so sweet and lately, your chinese tea is you know our company had spend so much money on health care and benefit illness to the staff..if we all keep drink it for next 10 years..probably we should buy more insurances for health illness from now on"..surely, she will understand how difficult you shallow her drinks..