Monday, October 30, 2006

The new trend in Malaysia

Reading the newspapers, I noticed a new trend in our country.

It all started with Datuk Khalid (or Khairuddin??) being referred to as Datuk K when he married Siti Nurhaliza.

Now it's Datuk Zakaria (the MP of Klang) who was given a new glamour name, Datuk Z.

Oh, I forgot. Maybe it all started with Dr. M.

Our media has become somewhat crazy these days. Speaking about Datuk Z (the MP), who shot to 'stardom' after the issue of his 4-storey mansion was brought to light a few months back (click here), the media has been following him, very closely, literally.

I was rather appaled by the 'craziness' of a certain local news crew who followed (or rather, stalked) this Datuk Z from the Selangor Sultan's Palace to his private destination following the meeting with the king. But they somehow got distracted by Datuk's bodyguards (and a small kancil) along the way, which was good for Datuk.

I am not supporting that guy. No doubt, he has broken the law and in several ways, swindled (if this is politically right) wit his position as the MP and he should give a public apology or at least explain himself to the public. Instead, this guy chose to stay mum and retreated himself to somewhere only God knows..But I dont agree with the media to chase and 'track' him like a criminal, following him on the highway to locate his whereabouts like a papparazzi. Being dedicated in bringing us great news coverage is commendable, but crossing the fine line between dedication and overzealous is simply unacceptable. It's like trespassing someone's privacy.

Perhaps the reporter was looking for a raise.


Petrina said...

raise ah?
yeala, many things are regulated by rm ooo...

kay mustaffa said...

dato k? khairuddin? hehehe..