Friday, October 06, 2006

Mooncake Night

Friday Nite. THE night when the moon was supposedly the biggest for the year. And we Chinese are supposed to celebrate this auspicious night with our families and friends, with mooncakes being served like how beer would in weddings and funerals.

I kinda suspect that mooncake was just an incentive for people to stay up a lil later to watch the moon back in the olden days. The logic here is, if people DONT watch the moon, then penat only the scientists and astrologers calculate and study the movements of celestrial entities. And the Emperor would have been overthrown for wasting national funds on smthg deemed useless by the general public. It's not only about the food, it's a complicated intertwine of knowledge, money and political power...See the picture here? Hehe...*** i think i watch too much tv**

I believe the rationale behind this logic is : FOOD = POWER. Very, very wise....

Anyway, for my family and i, Mooncake Festival/Lantern Festival/Mid Autumn Festival is not a big thing at all. It never was. We eat mooncakes as long as mooncakes are sold in the supermarts, not so much on this particular day only. The only lantern i can recall was the red chicken lantern which almost got fried when the plastic stick i was using to hold the lantern melted due to the heat of the burning candle, and the poor chicken had to succumb to gravity. Thank God the firemen didnt have to work that night. It would have been tragic.

This year, mooncake festival night was spent in front of the tv, eating Mr Potato and lazing like a little piglet. I even forgot to catch a glimpse of the moon. But never mind, i wouldn't have gotten a good view anyway due to the haze...

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