Thursday, October 19, 2006

Miss Malaysia question and my answer to that

I was browsing through the net (again), searching for blogs and I stumbled upon somebody's blog on emmeline ng, Miss Malaysia 2005. The blog as boring overall but the post on em ng's night of victory was interesting to me.


The question that the judges asked her on that night was: "You have been given two minutes with a suicidal person. What would you say to convince that person that life is worth living?"

Well, if i were asked this question, i think i would say this:

" Are you sure you wanna do this? It's a one way ticket u know. U cant turn back. Cant regret. Cant change your mind.

Killing yourself is only one of the solutions to your problems and misery on earth. And how long will you be plague with problem in life? 5 years? 10 years? 25 years? Maybe 50 years until u die naturally?

If you choose to die now, your earthly problems will end, for yourself, but you will begin an eternity-long misery and torment in hell? Are you ready for this? U have no other option. Only one destiny for your poor soul.

Live, and brave through that problem, and if you rise, you will be victorious. If you dont, then at leat you tried. You wont be a loser.

Look around you. There are people who are dying to live. If you havnt seen any, I can take you there. They would do anything just to live another day. But you, you want to waste the only opportunity you have to live.

I heard you said 'next life'?. Sorry to break your vague hope but there is no such thing as 'reincarnation'. Up to you to believe it or not.

Think before you kill yourself. After all, the afterlife is way too long for you to want to suffer."

A bit long la but hey, I got two minutes ok? Make full use of it.

So got potential to be Miss Malaysia or not?? hehe...

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