Friday, October 13, 2006

The Milo Susu Theory

One day, God wants Milo Susu. But He doesnt want to make His own Milo susu because He wants His people to learn of the process of making Milo susu and benefit from the whole experience. (If He wanted it just for a Himself, he would have just snapped His fingers and the Milo susu will just appear, think about it).

Anyway, God told His people that the ingredients that He wants would be Milo powder, susu (milk) and of course, water lah.

So off goes the people in search of the best way to make the best Milo susu.
Here are some of their methods and discoveries:
  • A group decided that Milo should go first before susu and water. Others do vice versa. Some even put milk first before anything else.
  • Some wanted to make the Milo more kaw so they put in like 4 tablespoons of Milo, and normal volume of water and milk. There are others who decided that water should be emphasised more, so they poured more H2o than anything else. And the same goes for the milk supporters.
  • Some made the milk with a more selamba way, adding as they feel they should while some feels safer to follow the recipe books.
  • There are a few who wanted it cold, so they added ice, while some believed that God wanted it hot.
  • Some even thought of cutting cost by replacing Milo with Ovaltine or Vico and thought that it wasnt a big deal to use just the specified cocoa brand.
  • There are other overtly enthusiastic chaps who thought of spicing up the Milo susu with some Nescafe...

So, in your opinion, whose Milo God loves better?

The answer, i believe is all of the above except the last two..

Milo, the essential ingredient is the Bible, the Word Himself. You cannot substitute the Bible with another Bible. More Milo means more emphasis on the Word, which is a good thing. There's nothing wrong with less 'worship' or less 'prayer', as long as it is still there, it's a complete Milo Susu.

Same goes for the susu and the water. The gist of it is, as long as you have all the essential ingredients and it tastes like Milo Susu, you're fine and God is please with you. Meaning to say here is, no denomination is better than the other, coz God is pleased with all the Milo Susu, whatever the method used, whether ice or hot.

For the group who transformed Milo Susu into Neslo Susu, it is a twist of the original God-intended concoction of His drink. This leads to only 1 interpretation: cult. Cults will either omit or add something to the original commands and twist it to sound even tastier. They either don't get the gist of what God intended, or they just deliberately want to be different. I dont know and wont judge here.

So that's about it lah. My Milo Susu Theory to describe the various denominations in Christendom...To all readers: Happy Milo-Susuing!

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