Friday, October 20, 2006

Local Productions

I watched that programme for the second time last nite. Plainly i would say here that it is a stupid show with a stupid concept.
15 eligible bachelors fighting to win 3 gals (meaning there will be 3 winners lah, not 1 guy gets 3 gals). The idea is to have a decent version of maybe outback jack (smthg like that la...or was it outback joe??) but this time it's the GUYS who have to work to get the GALS.
The guys: Normal only lah. But i never knew that guys would actually BITCH about each other behind their backs. And worst, one of the gals even JOINED in with that whole bitching thing.

The gals: Quite hot and pretty. Very eligible. But i wonder, if they are that good, why do they have to participate in such a show just to get a guy?? And, don't they have feelings? They seem to me like an indecisive lot, love every guy and wouldnt mind having to settle for a partner not of their choice (the 3 winners la). The appear, correct me if i am wrong, like just a reward for the hard work that they guys put in in the game.

I imagine it to be smthg like:

Race car gals. Reward for the champion racer.

Sorry for downgrading the beauties. They are still hot and smart ok..


I enjoy watching NTV7's 8pm news. Not too lengthy (like it's sister channel) and pretty good presentation.

I tuned to that channel a little earlier yesterday and I saw another local soap. I must say that local english dramas have improved in quality so much that i actually LIKE watching them.

Local dramas/sitcoms that i watched and enjoyed:

  • Kopitiam- the pioneer of quality sitcoms. Love them all, especially the two uncles- Chan and Kong (Chan is short for Chandran btw).
  • Getting together- the one with Elaine Daly and lots of Sony gadgets. It ended rather abruptly tho...
  • Each Other- with Alvin Wong and Cheryl Samad. I've always liked Cheryl. She looks innocent and sweet, and has a clean, tabloid-free image.
  • Gol dan gincu- not fully English, but i like the concept- multiracial and multi-language, reflects the reality of modern KL youth.

The one I watched yesterday was Moving On. It's a collaboration with a production house from the Philippines. No wonder la I saw cute guys and pretty gals...haha..

There are flops still in the local productions:

  • Show me the money- 1 word- BORING
  • Reality- poor script+cast+acting. Good concept and cameo apprearences tho.

The rest i didnt watch.

Back to that Moving On, there is smthg that i would like to point out:

1) The chances of an intern OVERHEARS a gossip, does smthg about it and actually SAVED the company with her action is almost 0 (ZERO).

2) The possibility of having a darn good looking guy who is single, very eligible, smart, caring, faithful, etc etc in any given office is almost 0.1%. And to actually have that guy's attention is another 0.1%. To end up with him in marriage (after courtship) lagi 0.01%. So the total probability is 0.1/100 x 0.1/100 x 0.1/100 = 0.000000001. Which is almost zero.

But it's still a good show. Am looking forward for the next episode. =)

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