Wednesday, October 04, 2006

A little research on snails

Since i've been thinking about the escargot i had last weekend, I've taken upon myself the responsibility to investigate the anatomy of snails for the benefit of escargot lovers.

Here's an interesting picture that i got from google:

Things i never knew:

  • water snails have gills
  • snails' blood vessels actually run through their shell. I'd always thought that snails LIVE in their shell and are two separate entitites altogether. No wonder i cant separate them!
  • there are two types of snails- water snails and land snails. I thought they are the same. But then again, I wasnt entire wrong coz there isnt much difference between the two.

I've also did some research on the history and names of edible snails. Here are some interesting facts:

  • Names of snails : abalone (Japan & California)

: tsalingaria (Greece)

: periwinkle (South Africa, Europe)

: Queen Conch (West Indies)

: escargot (France)

  • snails had been a part of ancient Roman diet. The Romans later introduced snails as a dish to Britain which eventually spreaded in popularity to other countries such as the US.

Well, that's not much of information but is educational enough for non-zoologist and exotic food lovers..I'm already planning my next snail indulgence!

***Tips: How do you know if you are ready to accept snails into your tummy? Very easy- if u r ready, the picture of the anatomy of snails would have been forgotten by now..hehe

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