Monday, October 16, 2006

I am so hungry!

It's 11.30am now and I am sooo hungry!

Had a slice of cake for breakfast this morning but I'm still hungry...
Am already thinking of what's for lunch and dinner...I must have rice for lunch. Or maybe rojak mee. Feel like having smthg out of the ordinary today...

Speaking about food and eating, somebody just commented that i eat quite a lot for a gal. Well, my answer to that is: I enjoy my food and I DONT eat a lot, i eat NORMAL. Those gals are the ones who eat LITTLE. Imagine rice the portion of a clenched fist, chicken wings ONLY and a pathetic dollop of veggie. That's not normal. Not at least to me.

But then again, this person could be right too. Coz I had garlic bread with chicken soup last evening and chicken burger (yup, from that street burger stall in front my apartment) later the night. That's a lot for dinner. Oh ya, that garlic bread was home-made btw..I MADE IT and it turned out FANTABULOUS! hehe....For those who do not know, I CAN cook! =) **need some promo here la, after all this is MY blog!!**

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