Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Yes, yesterday was a state holiday. I was so glad! Kinda tired of working but yet doesnt seem like I'm working at all...Life seems so stagnant. A holiday would do me good.

So what did i do with my hols? Well, i went shopping. And guess what i got? Haha...My good frens would know the answer to that...NOTHING!

I guess i am a lousy shopper. Or a fussy one. I dont know, maybe a bit of both.

I also spent some time sleeping. How i miss those afternoon naps! And I slept a solid 3-hours in the afternoon, waking up only for dinner and cell...

I love holidays. Even a short one refreshes me. I'm glad I'm working in PJ and not KL coz the latter has the least holidays in the whole country. Poor thing, hehe

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