Monday, October 16, 2006

Curry Puff Cravings

Gosh, I'm hungry again. And it's less than 6 hours after I wrote smthg about how hungry I was before lunch. I suddenly have this strong craving for curry puffs...(No, I'm not PMSing or pregnant).
Since I cant eat yet (not time to go home), i shall feast my eyes with pictures of curry puffs. (it makes the cravings worse, isn't it?).

This type I presume is the most common breed of curry puffs. Can get them at LRT stations and pasar malams.

These shell-shaped puffs are usually the variant served in hotels.

Another variant of this snack. The shape is more segitiga sama kaki but the filling is generally the same lah. Somehow the shape reminds me of samosa, or any vegetarian curry puffs.

It says here on the internet "Old Chang Kee Curry Puff". But somehow it doesnt look like the old chang kee that we find in KL...Maybe I made a mistake. Anyway, some curry puffs (particularly from foreign-based gourmet bakeries) are shaped in this manner. Not my favourite but will not refuse if offered to me =)

My Curry Puffs Files

  • Curry puffs can either baked or fried. Baked ones would normally have the buttery taste while the fried ones are more crispy.
  • Usual fillings for curry puffs are chicken, potatoes and eggs (not always the case). Beef is also stuffed in sometimes. Depends on the maker's preference lah.
  • Malay curry puffs are the best (for me) although i generally except all variants.
  • Curry puffs are sold for RM1.00/3 pcs or RM0.40/pc in the Klang Valley while back in my hometown, a similar type and sized puff would cost me only RM0.20/pc.
  • In PJ, the best curry puffs are those sold in LRT stations (or any malay stalls, RM1 for 3pcs) and Berry's Cake House (RM1.20 per pc for the Nyonya Curry Puffs). Other acceptable quality puffs are IKEA's (RM1.00 per pc, got an egg inside), and Old Chang Kee (at 1U, also has a pretty huge egg inside, RM1.50/pc). In Taiping, I like the ones made by the makcik at my taman whose stall is in front Koay Electric. But somehow my mum just likes to buy from the other stall near Chuan Hin Mini Market, which is not too bad either..

For more info in curry puffs, please click here.

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