Friday, October 20, 2006

Case Over

Oh ya, almost forgot about this... Remember that i stumbled upon a website which has smthg abt a colleague of mine whom I suspect has an explicit blog. Just for recollection, check out my entry entitled Blog, blog, blog.

The case is closed now. It is confirmed. Together with my sidekick eng chuan, we have solved the mystery of the woman. Well, her blog was just a normal blog lah, nthg explicit whatsoever. Only vulgar lah.

We didnt take long to investigate tho...About 2 days only. With the help of internet of course. And the free time we have in the office.

Thinking of it, maybe I should start up a private investigation business. This, of course reminds me of an old fren of mine back in Form 6, Ivan Hoe, who once told me of how he used to help his friends stalk some gals and get their addresses, handphone numbers and a whole lot of other information with a small fee. Good idea. How come I didnt think of that earlier..ish

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